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Keagan is one of the most colorful and confident personalities I’ve come across in a while! Confident and brash without coming off cocky, this ex-weightlifter has an eye for older women and likes the thrill of fucking in public. I think he’ll fit in just fine here. He’s extremely open about his sexual exploits, and its fascinating to simply listen to Keagan talk. He started jerking off at a young age, explaining how he and his brother found the porn channel on cable. The first time Keagan had sex he was 16. He took a high school aerobics class (he smiles when he explains that he took it because it was almost all girls) and a new girl came to class and started flirting with him. Keagan says during his first time, he came too quickly. He still cums quickly, though now, he busts a nut an average of 4 times when he fucks a girl. I think we have to put that to the test!
He loves dark-skinned Spanish girls, especially with nice full lips. He likes girls to have at least one of three things – a pretty face, nice tits or a great ass. Keagan has a hard time deciding what position he likes best, but settles on doggy-style. Especially if the girl keeps her legs closed and makes it even tighter for him. He’s single now, but “talking” to a girl. He claims he’s not a sex fiend, but he definitely gets a lot of play. Keagan picks up girls frequently on the beach and tells us he loves cougars and milfs. The oldest woman he’s slept with was 36 when he was 17. Lucky woman!
Keagan tells us how he would run errands for people in the neighborhood. One mother had a crush on him. They ended up doing it in her house after she put her daughter to bed. Even more risky was when he and another older woman were making out at an outdoor mall. She wanted to see his dick so he pulled it out and they just kept on making out in public. Then they went to the beach and fucked while people were around. Keagan definitely has no problems being seen! He ditches his shirt and shows off his sculpted physique. He was on the weightlifting team in high school and went to state competitions. Keagan’s favorite exercise was either a power clean and jerk, or snatches. He gets the most compliments on his hard pecs, especially from the girl he’s currently talking to now.
Keagan lays back on the bed and he strokes his cock. He uses some extra lube to get every inch of it wet. He plays with his balls as he pulls back his foreskin. Then he rubs his flat, hard stomach and plays with his nipples as he continues to jerk his thick dick. Keagan’s cock shoots a fountain of cum all over his stomach! “Oh, shit” he says softly, and seems a little amazed by how intense it was. As he waves his cock back and forth, he tells us he was thinking about one girl he fucked, who really knew how to ride him. I think there’s a lot of people who’d like to take her place!

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