Karen Lancaume Collection

Brief History
AKA - Karen Lancome, Karen Lancoume, Karen D., Caren, Lauren Del Rio, Karen Lancom, Karen Bach
- Birthday January 19, 1973
- Astrology Capricorn
- Birthplace Lyon, France
- Date of Death Friday, January 28, 2005
- Years Active 1996-2000 (Started around 23 years old)
- Ethnicity Caucasian
- Nationality/Heritage French
- Hair Color Brown
- Height 5 feet, 6 inches (167 cm)
- Tattoos left shoulder

Karen Lancaume (born Karine Bach) also Karen Lancoume, Karen Lacoume, Karen Lancom, Karen Bach, Carene Lancome, Angel Paris (January 19, 1973 near Lyon - January 28, 2005 in Paris) was a French adult film star. Despite her short resume (she appeared in only 29 films from her beginnings as an adult film star in 1997 until her death), she was quite a popular actress, with her natural beautiful looks and self-esteem, especially among the francophone public.

She spent her childhood in Lyon countryside and completed her studies in communications. She was married to a DJ named Franck, but debts prompted her to work in the adult film industry. She and her husband started doing scenes as a couple; in 1997 film L'Indecente aux enfer she also started to have scenes with other partners. Once they had divorced, her ex-husband quit but Karen remained in the industry and continued to appear in adult films both in Europe and the United States.

She was well known to exhibit lewd abandon in her sex scenes. For example in "World Sex Tour 21" she engages in a hot foursome with three other male actors. This scene includes Karen enjoying anal sex and double penetration.

She was best known internationally as one of the leads in the 2000 film Baise-moi (as Karen Bach).

While staying at a friend's house, she committed suicide on the night of January 28 2005 by swallowing medication.

Happy Halloween
Lets start of this collection with an amazing public display of nudity, random sex on the street and a random blowjob. These 2 dudes are the luckiest people to have wondered the streets that day. Just *sniff* wish it was me on the street or in the car that day.

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Duration: 27:13

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World Sex Tour
From a woman who loved her husband, to taking it in every single way possible. What a major turnaround if you ask me, but hey I ain't complaining. Ok in this video, there are blowjobs, straight sex, DP, anal, creampie, facial. What more could you ask for !!!!

I totally love what she says at the end of the clip.

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Duration: 20:15

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Back From Work
Karen comes home after a long day at work, her husband greets her but then gets a tad horny. Who can blame the guy ? It is nice to see how intimate Karen can get when she is one on one.

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How to get a raise
Here is Karen trying to persuade her boss to get a raise, well first he gets raise and then she gets the raise later on, if you get my drift ;)

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La Nympho Des Taxis (The Nympho of the Taxis)
Some people may think it sucks to be a taxi driver. After watching this clip, those people will most definitely change their minds, I know I did.

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Costume Party
I do not really know what you call this, but you know one of those French festivals where people where masks, etc. This clip does not only include the great Karen Lancaume, but her clan of equally hot pornstars, don't know their names but I would remember them from their body the next time ;)

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Duration: 21:23

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Army Sex
For all Karen Lancaume lovers out there, fingering, tit licking, blowjobs, straight up sex, anal, double penetration, and facials.

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