Julian Vincenzo v. Renato Belaggio

Julian Vincenzo v. Renato Belaggio

Video language: English

This video starts as fan favorite megastar, Julian Vincenzo, standing in the new wrestlehard ring in his speedos doing a muscle posedown. One cannot help but wonder on the rippling muscles of Vincenzo, just pure poetry in motion. Trouble begins to boil as Renato Belaggio joins in and starts to compare his huge muscles against Vincenzo. Then, a lot of bad-mouthing and cursed words are said regarding each other's built.
Getting more frustrated, Renato just pushes Julian around for no reason other than adrenaline rushing in his body. At this point, their words become nastier and their voice louder and louder. They stand face to face doing a musclestud staredown. The audience will feel the heat as the camera focused on their faces while they just stand there face to face. Sweat drenching. No one is talking. Pure intensity can be seen on their faces. The staredown lasted for just a minute but it seems like forever !! Then, out of nowhere, Renato spits on the face of Julian. That's it, fight breaks out and then they wrestle to settle their differences proving who is the real bodybuilder wrestling champion!!
What transpired next are crazy American WWF style wrestling with lots of lifts-throws, verbal humiliation, scissors, clutches, and sleepers. Julian throws Renato out the ring many times and at the end Julian, with his megafamous huge dick, merges as the muscle champion. He fucks the soul out of poor Renato while he begs for mercy. But mercy is not in Julian's vocabulary. Lots of spitting, slapping and aggression during sex. As you will know by the end of this film that Julian is famous for his cruelty and very intense and fucking style.

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