Join Wild X Tube Staff?

I am the offical owner of a massive growing porn tube website that hosts only embedded porn tube videos from all the major adult PR ranked websites. The idea was to save server bandwidth and memory, this way the rebound cost for hosting is really cheap. Thing is with this idea I can host millions of videos from every ranked adult tube, so this means I will have the most porn tube content on the whole web. At no cost to me, now just like any porn tube website, is built for ad marketing. The key is gaining enough video content so users will bookmark The more users the more ad clicks the more money will produce. I am here actually looking for some administrators that want to get involved with a major program. Posting content never was easier considering I am using a mass embedding program that transfers up to 5 thousand embed video codes over to my website within each hour with barely any actual work.

I am here to offer a couple perks with joining my administrative team

1.) If you prove fit I will give you a copy of my website script and template so you can host along side of me as a partner.

2.) As my admin team member you will get 50% of all ad click monthly payouts.

3.) And all the free porn you could ever desire!

4.) Free logo design with your script copy. I designed Wild X Tubes logo and hundreds of other logos.

5.) Help and support installing your own copy of of my script.

Admin Requirements
*Must be 18 or over in age.
*Must help add embed codes (Note - Our tube swiper program makes it as easy as 1.2.3)
*Must delete and remove broken embed videos, and videos with no thumbnail.

Permissions you get
You can do anything I can do, other then access to internal website control. The website has its own admin panel.

Let me know if your interested in becoming an admin in a growing adult website! I will consider anyone that is interested.

Check out the to help you make your choice easier

- Jared - @ Wild X Tube