John Parker & Scott Haux

John Parker & Scott Haux

There’s no better way to kick off the new year than with a couple of Eastern European hotties. Unless, of course, the two hotties involved are tattooed and sexy John Parker, bareback pig extraordinaire, and his young jock buddy, Scott Haux. Both enjoy sex together, especially if it’s raw. But now they’re mixing it up and exploring their fetish: bondage. John takes it a step further and blindfolds his blond curly-haired friend. John proceeds to push Scott around, practically abusing the willing victim for his own sordid pleasure. As it turns out, Scott is totally hard, the head of his long curved cock poking through his underwear. John takes advantage of the situation and practically possesses Scott. With plenty of close-up cock sucking action, John then rolls Scott over and, using his own bound hands against him, works his thick, uncut tool inside the tight fuckhole.

At first Scott protests but you know how it goes: the twink doth protest too much. It’s not long before the blindfold is removed, his hands released, as John continues to bareback his sweet hole six ways from Sunday. Scott jerks himself off, enjoying the pounding he’s getting and the way John’s raw cock feels in his hungry ass. All too soon, Scott cums, the load fucked out of him as John pumps him full of dick. Lucky Scott then gets a huge load sprayed all over his balls, hole, and the back of his thighs as John unleashes with a healthy amount of jizz. And that was just with some very innocent kink! Can you imagine what they’d be like if they’d gone extreme? Hmmm. Boggles the mind and makes the cock stiffen, doesn’t it?

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Duration: 18:42
Video: 720x406, Windows Media Video V7
Audio: 125kbps

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