I have to say I was pretty fucking blown away when I met Jerry, only 22 years old and as sexy as you can get. His perfection is even perfect. This guys the real deal. Watching the big sexy stud do his thing has left an impression in my head that will take some time to fade though likely never. He doesn't have the biggest cock in the world but he makes the best out of 6 or so inches he has, it plenty fat and hard in seconds, and it's pretty damn nice to look at. He's what I call a bit of a speed puller, you know the ones that go real hard and real fast, I love them, the way they get that look on their face of pure concentration. I was having trouble trouble controlling my urges I wanted to just grab his cock and suck on it, when I think of the worst case scenario of what he'd have done if I had done it I'm almost kicking myself for not. hmm perhaps he would have rammed my head down, attempting to chock me on it or maybe he could have shoved it somewhere else as a punishment for crossing his boundaries, in reality he probably would have smacked me out, but even if there was the slightest chance of the other Jerry would be worth it.

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