James Hamilton & Jesse Colter

James Hamilton & Jesse Colter

James and Jessie are hanging out and debating what they're gonna do today. James is bored and the topic of maybe grabbing something to eat comes up. "What did you have in mind?" asks Jessie suddenly becoming aware of the growing bulge in James' jeans. He moves over to the counter and grabs a handful. Lunch it is as Jessie helps James and his thick cock out of his clothes. Jessie is famished as he shoves that fat dick balls deep. He easily deep throats James' boner as James helps bounce his sweet mouth on it. James is ready to place his order soon enough as he gets Jessie's cock out and helps himself. He gags on Jessie's thick cock as they take turns going at each other's hard cocks. Jessie services James then James pushing him off to return the favor. James decides he wants to order a side of ass and slips his fingers and his tongue deep into Jessie's hole. Jessie squirms in anticipation as James jacks and licks his cock while roughly fingering that tight ass. "Fuck my tight ass!" Jessie begs as James sits back and lets him help himself. Jessie sits right down on that monster cock and starts to ride it like a pro.

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