Jakub Frydl - Spanking

Jakub Frydl - Spanking

Jakub Frydl is a real cutie who we invited in for a spanking. He is sleeping in his bed when a burglar creeps into his room. Using a flashlight the burglar begins to search the room and then shines it on Jakub. He pulls the cover from Jakub's body,and as he wakes, puts a hand over his mouth to stop him from screaming. He slaps on Jakubs chest and then lifts his hand. Jakub takes the opportunity to scream, so the hand is quickly replaced. Then the burglar rips Jakubs tee shirt from him and pulls the underwear off. Jakub is shouting out all the time so the burglar removes his gloves and shove them in his mouth to keep him quiet. Then he shines his flashlight over Jakub's body to inspect him before really spanking on his firm little body as hard as he can. The burglar then reaches down and pulls on Jakub's cock, flicking it will his fingers and pulling the hairs from his balls. He pulls Jakubs legs up in the air, exposing his ass. He traps the legs under his arms and really begins spanking Jakub's ass. The cheeks sting as the hand lands and start to redden. Jakub's feet are also spanked before being held so that his ass can get some more attention. Next Jakub's ripped shirt is used to tie his hands behind his so that his nipples can be pulled. His cock is hard and the spanker starts flicking it again. Then the burglar puts Jakub on his back takes a butt plug, which he pushes into Jakub's mouth as he prepares his ass to take it. Lubed up that ass is soon ready and the butt plug is shoved all the way in. Once in that ass, and the legs, are spanked some more. The butt plug is pulled in and out, giving a great view of Jakub's open hole. Then the burglar decides it is time for Jakub's load and wanks him until the cum shoots out onto his belly. The burglar then scoops up some of the cum and, holding Jakub's nose, pushes it into his open mouth. He then leaves, with Jakub still on the bed, with his hands tied.

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