Jake & Don

Jake & Don

This is an interesting shoot. For the first time ever, I let someone else take the reins with filming. Don has been at me for ages for the opportunity to do this, being a photographer himself. Thou I didn't leave Don completely alone to film, he does do most of this shoot, with me stepping in at particular times to lend a helping hand.

Jake, this fella was incredibly nervous, and very much out of his depth. He had never done anything like this before, let alone with two guys present. But like any straight bloke willing to give something new a go, he just sucks up his nerves and gets on with the job. And of course, Don was also willing to give it a go :)

Jake - Works as a security guard who is currently out of work. Being Don's first shoot, he forgot to ask some of the other questions, like his age and motive. So if memory serves me right, Jake is mid 20's and was along for the money, being recently unemployed of course.

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