IWantLatina – Daniele - Sexy Latina

IWantLatina – Daniele - Sexy Latina

Twenty photos. One private swimming pool. One horny dude. And one adorable, petite, blond-haired, ruby-lipped babe named Daniele. She makes him cum fast - so fast that, guessing from her smirking, open-faced smile in the cumshot photos, we think there must have been some razzing on the set about it. But she does look all that, letting him eat her pussy, giving him tight ruby-lipped head, and being hot as hell while he fucked her in two positions.

Titulo/Title: IWantLatina – Daniele - Sexy Latina
Gênero/Genre: XXX
Duração/Duration: 00:13:00
Tamanho/Size: 195.40 MB
Resolução/Resolution: 720x528
Frame Rate: 29.97 fps
Formato/Format: wmv
Idioma/Language: Ingles