InTheVip - Natalie Lust - Lustful Night / June 11, 2013

InTheVip - Natalie Lust - Lustful Night / June 11, 2013

I think the ladies felt real comfortable at the this new hot spot and/or they were really fucking horny. Knowing our crew they were probably just real horny. They had a mission which was to fuck each other, and most of them did just that. It was a buffet of hot ass with a side of cock and balls. They didn't even get undressed, and they were 69ing each other like it was a easy sunday afternoon drive. Once Jmac saw this, he just pulled his cock out and pointed it at the first girl nearest to him. It was game on at that point. It was an all out orgy party within minutes. The legs were getting tossed in the air as the pussy got spread wide open. Tits and ass were shaking and bouncing for the few girls that weren't hungry for the buffet, but they were still making the party just as live. At one point the girls were on all fours in a row with their asses push up for Jmac to dive deep inside them. One by one he filled them up. As they got their fill they moved on to the next girl they didn't get a chance to feast on. Jmac fucked one girls so good she released a nice squirt of excitement which only made this party even better. Jmac got his chance to return the stream of cum on the ladies as well. There isn't much like a group of chicks kneeling before you waiting for your to jizz all over them.

Titulo/Title: InTheVip - Natalie Lust - Lustful Night
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