Insane Glory Hole Cum Swallowers


Tags: HD - Shot In High Def, Oral, Swallowing, Chucky Sleaze

Starring Laela Pryce!
3 Hours 30 Minutes Of Hardcore Footage!
Psychotic Sperm Sippers Are Crazy For Fellatio!
Mentai Asylum Gloryhole Action! Whacky Sluts Go Koo Koo For Cum Swallowing!
Some cum guzzling whores are so out of control that they can't function in society! The worst cases in the country end up being committed to Stoney's Sensual Asylum for Nymphomanics where they are served psychoactive mouthfuls of sperm every day after they deep throat the huge cocks of their horny psychologists through a hole in the wall! That's what I call Physician Patient Privilege! These breakthrough treatments are more humane than electro shock therapy and 10X more effective! Check out Insane Gloryhole Cum Swallowers for a sneak-peak into the future of psychiatric treatment!


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Video Info:

Length: 123 minutes
Dimensions: 720x396
Format: h264 (High)