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African Jizz

Release Year: 2013
Genres: African, jizz, black, bigcock

Patrick sits on Collin's huge black shaft. Collin loves deep entry, and pushes his fuck buddy's legs back, his thrusts are deep and hard, and Patrick gasps. When his ass is stretched Patrick is very horny, and he wanks his big African cock. He unloads lots of jizz, and Collin slowly fucks him. When he is about to cum, Collin withdraws his cock, and shoots a load of spunk over Patrick's balls. While the African lovers french kiss, their cum glistens on their black skin. Collin is so turned on, he wanks again and squirts loads of jizz all over his fingers.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 8:13
Video: 1280x720, Windows Media Video 9, 2978kbps
Audio: 93kbps

File size: 185.9 MB
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Three is the Perfect Number

Release Year: 2012
Cast: Anthony Romero, Arnaud Chagall, Austin Wilde
Genres: Anal Sex, Blowjob, Cumshots, Facial, Interracial, Kissing, Muscles, Rimming, Romance, Tattoos, Threesome

Hi, y'all! Jake Jaxson here, bringing you another Austony docu-short featuring gay porn's most famous couple. We had an overwhelming response to their first scene, Austony: A Love Story, and having spent time with both of them, I can attest to the authenticity of their passionate relationship.
Beyond being smart, sexy, and driven, these guys have an intensity that overpower you when you meet and spend time with them.
This is why I wanted to make companion documentaries along with their sex scenes.
In this episode, they pull back the curtain for viewers to explore how they work, play, and maneuver their relationship while being porn stars.
This three-way with Arnaud is so fucking sexy, vivid, and intense that you'll wish you were the one sandwiched in the middle!

Format: mp4
Duration: 29:02
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 2913kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 647.2 MB
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Ben Huller - Episode 22

Studio: Ben Huller
Video language: English

Ben Huller had just met this dude at a friend's place. They were by themselves waiting for the friend to get back, when the topic turned to tattoos. The guy said he had only one just below his belly button. He said it hurt like hell, so he wasn't in a hurry to get any others. Ben laughed and asked that he show him the tattoo. So the guy pulled up his t-shirt and pulled down the waist band of his jeans to show Ben. He took one look and said look at this and flipped out his cock saying this will hurt too but you'll definitely want more when I'm done!

Format: mp4
Duration: 18:11
Video: 990x556, AVC (H.264), 970kbps
Audio: 106kbps

File size: 144.0 MB
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Buns in the Sun
Release Year: 2013​
Studio: next door twink​
Cast: Jake Farren, Hollis Emery & Joey Hard​
Genres: Gay,anal,hardcore​
Video language: English​
Joey Hard and his friends Jake Farren and Hollis Emery are just enjoying a summer day out by the pool. Just dicking around with the water cannons, the beach ball, swimming around and wrestling in the pool on a beautiful afternoon. Getting a little tuckered out, Jake reclines on a float, his body glistening in the sun. Joey and Hollis both have the same thing on their minds, and they spring their plan into action, each attacking Jakes speedos from the opposite side. In no time they have Jake’s skivvies down around his ankles and they are taking turns sucking his sun drenched cock. Moving this pool party out to the deck, they resume their quest for summer cock as now Jake and Hollis prey on Joey’s meatstick. But as good as this double blow job feels, Joey is trying to get fucked, and it is way too hot out here, so the three of them move into the bedroom for a good and proper threesome. Once inside, Joey assumes the position and Jake pushes his cock into Joey’s waiting hole while Hollis stuffs Joey’s mouth from the other side. Joey is taking it like a true cock pig and loving every minute of it. As Jake pumps him missionary, Joey strokes his cock and cums all over himself as Jake and Hollis both spray him down with their jizz-hoses. Luckily Joey’s got a towel nearby. Enjoy!​
Format: mp4​
Duration: 26:21​
Video: 960x544, AVC (H.264), 2047kbps​
Audio: 148kbps​
File size: 425.0 MB​
Jordan & Tatum: Pure July_12_2013
Release Year: 2013​
Both these guys wanted to try doing a Pure video. Tatum had been working out really hard, so wanted to do some showcasing, while Jordan liked the idea of being part of a new theme.​
I was worried Jordan might be a bit "stiff" when it came to oiling up another dude, but the week before he had done a scene with Theon, and based on his stellar performance, I knew he had natural instincts to get intimate with another dude.​
He starts by oiling up Tatum, who quickly gets aroused from the sensual handling. Fans of cock showing through underwear will be really pleased.​
After jerking Tatum's cock, Tatum climbs on up and coats Jordan in oil, showcasing his hard cock and red pubes through his underwear. Not one to leave a hard cock on its own, Tatum quickly begins sucking on Jordan's knob.​
As I mentioned in Jordan's video with Theon, he wasn't too sure about sucking a guy, but he clearly has gotten over it, though I did worry the oil might make it more of a challenge. So far I have not had a single complaint from the guys about the crazy amount of oil, and most have gotten turned-on by this simple addition.​
(Tatum did get some in one of his contact lens and performed a portion of the shoot blurry in one eye, but we stopped and cleaned it out.)​
Tatum shows what an eager bottom he is just by how hard his cock stays while being fucked. Despite a few leg cramps from some squatting action, his cock stays upright as he bounces up and down on Jordan's fat dick.​
Jordan fucks the cum out of Tatum, then spills his seed all over his hole, ramming it in for good measure!​
These guys did a great job working the the oil, the couch, and each other!​
Format: mp4​
Duration: 30:41​
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 2160kbps​
Audio: 124kbps​
File size: 514.4 MB​
Sweet Solitude
Release Year: 2013​
Studio: Samuel O'Toole​
Cast: Samuel O'Toole​
Genres: Gay,Solo,Cumshot,Jerking​
Video language: English​
The Irish dream, Samuel O'Toole is inviting you along for a very private, very intimate cock stroking session. It's a peaceful afternoon and Sammy has been aching to touch himself. Join him as he runs his fingers over those amazing, rippled abs and across his incredibly hot chest. Then feast your eyes on Sammy's plump ass while he spreads his cheeks for your enjoyment. You'll salivate as your cock bulges and pulsates, just like Sammy's when you see him take that fat meat pole in his hand. With every pump, you'll be pulled closer to Sammy himself, as you both build toward satisfying sexplosion. Enjoy!​
Format: mp4​
Duration: 22:01​
Video: 960x544, AVC (H.264), 1761kbps​
Audio: 146kbps​
File size: 308.7 MB​


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Kirk Cummings and Trevor Knight
Release Year: 2013​
Cast: Kirk Cummings , Trevor Knight​
Genres: 69, Ball licking, Big balls, Big dick, Big load, Bubble butt, Cum on chest, Cum on stomach, Deep-throating, Dirty talk, Facial hair, Natural bush, Rimming, Tattoos, Tight ass, Young guy,​
Video language: English​
Kirk Cummings is a neat freak and a germaphobe, so when a maintenance man Trevor Knight enters his home to tell him that they're doing some work outside his house, he gets all distraught when the dirty worker touches anything inside his home. Once worker Trevor becomes aware of Kirk's phobia, he starts testing him to see how much he can make him squirm ... and he even pulls out his big dick! Kirk's afraid of touching things, but not when it's a large, hard hot cock waiting to be sucked and fucked!!!​
Format: mp4​
Duration: 26:22​
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 2929kbps​
Audio: 109kbps​
File size: 588.3 MB​
Outtakes from 2012
Studio: JimmyZ​
Video language: English​
2012 was a GREAT year working with some of the hottest musclemen and bodybuilders around. Sometimes the cameras capture some entertaining moments that aren't seen in the final videos. Take a look behind the scenes with Wolverine, Angelo Antonio and Max Chevalier, King Con, Rudolf Schneider, Angel Diablo, Big Wheels Eddie, Gerard Dietrich, Austin Lewis, Randy Loren, Devon Dexx, Connor Stewart, and the huge giant Sage.​
Format: mov (QuickTime)​
Duration: 46:49​
Video: 640x360, AVC (H.264), 1417kbps​
Audio: 104kbps​
File size: 520.0 MB​
Dick Casey & Xander Hollis
I love, love, LOVE Staxus scenes that start out like this one does! Muscle top Dick Casey is enjoying a wank on the bed, sliding his hand up and down his thick uncut cock and building up a load for shooting when the gorgeous and uber horny Xander Hollis arrives to help him out. You would too though, right? I don’t think any sane guy would be able to stumble on a sight so delicious and not want to get involved in some cock loving action.​
Format: mp4​
Duration: 21:46​
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 4877kbps​
Audio: 122kbps​
File size: 798.2 MB​


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Landon Conrad & Logan Vaughn July 12, 2013
Release Year: 2013​
Genres: Anal, Oral Sex, Big Dick, Blow Job, Cumshots, Facial​
In a quiet cabin in the woods, husky Landon Conrad starts the day reading the news on his laptop. Then, a hand reaches out and grabs one of Landon’s hairy pecs: horny housemate Logan Vaughn has other plans. Logan’s sweat pants are bulging with the evidence of his desire. Logan’s smooth skin is like silk but it’s only a temporary distraction from the hard cock that Landon needs to suck. Total ravishment is Landon’s intent and Logan’s cock, balls and hole are all fair targets for mouth, tongue, fingers and cock. Logan’s interruption of Landon’s reading is complete when he is squealing in ecstasy from the hard, fat cock drilling his ass. Laptop takes on a new meaning when Logan impales himself on the upright shaft of the sitting Landon and rides his way to double creamy conclusions.​
Format: mp4​
Duration: 30:45​
Video: 960x544, AVC (H.264), 1752kbps​
Audio: 146kbps​
File size: 429.1 MB​
Artistic Touch
Release Year: 2013​
Studio: Samuel O'Toole​
Cast: Samuel O'Toole & Connor Maguire​
Genres: gay,anal,oral,hardcore,cumshot​
Video language: English​
Samuel O’Toole has, among others, an eccentric artist friend who comes by from time to time peddling his paintings. Samuel likes his paintings, but he really likes his cock. Connor Maguire is not yr typical Bohemian painter. Cultured in Europe’s finer schools of technique, he has come to the states to be free from rules and just express himself. Self made, he doesn’t do it for the money, so when Samuel shows a keen interest in his art but comes up short financially, Connor works an agreement that will let Sammy have his cake and fuck it in the ass too.Sammy, on cue, unzips Connor’s pants and pulls out his dick, immediately taking as much of the thick shaft down his throat as he can. Connor winces from the sweet ecstasy of it, and shimmies out of his pants altogether. Trading places, he begins to get Sammy good and hard, and once this is achieved, Sammy enters Connor from behind and begins to fuck like his paintings depended on it. Connor shows he can express himself in more than one medium, riding Sammy and getting more hard by the minute, cumming on the sofa as Sammy pulls out and paints his own abstract glob of art. Enjoy!​
Format: mp4​
Duration: 25:12​
Video: 960x544, AVC (H.264), 1758kbps​
Audio: 148kbps​
File size: 353.2 MB​
Release Year: 2011​
Genres: Solo, Masturbation, Сum​
Conner is experiencing some exciting changes in his life. He just graduated from college and he's starting a new job. And, he's exploring his sexuality!​
He says he likes girls, but lately, he's come to realize that he is attracted to men as well. This was his first time talking about it openly.​
"Without being too vague, what are some of your biggest turn ons?" I asked.​
"...A guy that is really fit. I like big arms, I like broad shoulders and he definitely has to have a massive dick!”​
"So are you gay or straight?"​
I wanted to clarify since his answer had no mention of a girl.​
"I tend to be bi... ever since my friend that I used to work with convinced me of a few things."​
"How far has that curiosity gone?"​
Format: mov (QuickTime)​
Duration: 8:20​
Video: 960x540, AVC (H.264), 1967kbps​
Audio: 41kbps​
File size: 122.8 MB​