Honza and Pavel - Full Contact

Honza and Pavel - Full Contact

Video language: English

Honza Forst and Pavel Smidl are two great looking guys and I was very keen to see them in action, together. They start off by kissing each other, as they sit on the sofa in just their undies. Then Pavel starts kissing Honza's chest. Soon he has his hand on Honza's solid cock, pulling it out of his undies. Kiss the chest again he begins to work his way down to that big fat cock. Then he begins to suck it, his lips closed tight around the head. Honza gets onto his knees and thrusts his cock out, so that Pavel can lean over and suck it. Honza begins to fuck Pavel's face with that rock hard cock, shoving it in and out of his mouth. Pavel is hard too and his cock needs some attention. So Honza lays on the sofa and Pavel climbs over his and shoves his dick in the open mouth. Honza sucks on that cock while wanking himself and then he begins to lick Pavel's balls too. Pavel then shoves his cock back into Honza's waiting mouth and fucks his face before turning around and sitting his hairy hole on that tongue. Honza works his tongue over that hole and soon wants more, so Pavel lays on the sofa, legs in the air and takes a finger in that ass. Honza's finger goes in nice and deep and he works it in and out, spitting on it to lube it up. Pavel loves the feeling and moans as he is finger fucked, wanting more and more. He knows what is coming as Honza rubs his throbbing cock over that hole and then shoves it deep inside, stretching that ass nice and wide. He fucks Pavel's hot, hairy hole as deep as he can, really working that hole. Pavel enjoys every moment of it and, when Honza pulls out, spreads his cheeks to show his stretched hole. Honza climb on againa and rides Pavel's ass, pounding that hole as hard as he can. Then, again, Pavel spreads his cheeks and shows us his open hole. But he still wants more, and Honza obliges, fucking him as hard and deep as he can. Pavel's hole is nice and open now, and as he spreads his cheeks we can see just how wide Honza has made it. One last position sees Pavel taking it real good and wanking his cock. Soon he needs to cum and quickly moves to dump his load over Honza. Honza takes the spent cock in his mouth to clean it up. Then he shoots his load too, all over Pavel's face. Pavel then sucks on that big dick, to drain it completely. Then he stands up, fully satisfied, and leaves.

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