Henrique Beautiful Dreamer

Henrique: Beautiful Dreamer

Henrique: "Beautiful Dreamer"; stats: 19, 6’1”, 173, 8”; "Sex is my favorite hobby"; The Boy from Brazil: ”I am 19, from Brazil, and I’ve been here (the US) for 2 weeks”, ”sex with my girlfriend every day”, ”I like to get sucked the best”, ”when I was 14 I got sucked and I fucked for the first time”, ”my favorite is doggy style”.
When you have a face and body like 19 year-old Henrique’s, not to mention thick eight inches of prime meat that is definitely top choice, all you would need to do is sit there and look pretty. Fresh from Brazil, this male model found himself in Miami and within two weeks of his arrival, we managed to get him in front of camera for the most explicit photo session in his life. The shoulder length mane of shiny brunette hair frames that face that is one of the most exquisitely beautiful we have ever come across. The exceptional qualities of this young man continue to dazzle the eyes as more flesh is revealed. His chest and abs are etched in perfect sinewy muscle it seams as though he must have one of the lowest percentages of body fat on the planet. His legs and glutes were just as dazzling but it was that mighty slab of flash-light thick uncut sausage that it the real Brailian export we are thankful for. Like any horny 19 year-old, he beats that meat until it is glazed in precum from a swollen sack and from the size of the load he covers those flat abs with...his baby makers have been running overtime.

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