Harley Everett & Jack Jefferson – 6 ft 4 Skinhead Bodybuilder Fucks Hot Hungry Bottom

Harley Everett & Jack Jefferson – 6 ft 4 Skinhead Bodybuilder Fucks Hot Hungry Bottom

Studio: HardBritlads

Massive muscular Harley Everett towers about you at 6 foot 4, and with his intensive years of bodybuilding he has huge muscles, the biggest pecs Ive ever seen. On top of that he has a shaved head and some intense tattooes. He is a seriously imposing and very powerful looking guy. Add to that his big thick uncut cock with lots of foreskin, and Harley is pretty much sex on legs – BIG legs.

The lucky lad paired with him is super handsome muscle boy Jack Jefferson, who has a great body and beautiful pale blue eyes and smooth body. He is not a small guy, but next to Harley, he looks tiny.

Right from the start, these two were horny, and hard in their sports shorts. We begin with Jack oiling up Harleys massive muscles, rubbing the oil into those enormous pecs and huge biceps, then into his solid bulging abs. He leans in to suck on Harleys big nipples whilst squeezing his pecs. Then Harley rubs a little oil into Jacks body, kissing him, and thrusting his hand down Jacks shorts to have a feel of his stiff dick.

They kiss some more, as Jack grips Harleys solid bulge which is visibly straining against his black adidas shorts. Jack gets down onto his knees, and eagerly peels down Harleys shorts. His cock stands bolt upright, so hard it throbs – the head on Harleys dick is massive and meaty, shiny with precum. Jack opens his mouth wide and begins to suck. He gets it nice and wet, sucking slowly and gently at first, then going deeper, as deep as he can, almost managing to get it all in. He speeds up, sucking eagerly, and Harley pushes his fat dick to the back of Jacks throat, and fucks his mouth deep. Jack takes it very well.

After this, they kiss passionately, and Harley reaches into Jacks shorts and pulls out his hard dick. They lay on the sofa, Jack on his back, Harley on his side. Harley holds his throbbing dick up for us while he sucks Jack deep, all the way to the base. They switch, and Harley is on his back on the sofa, with Jack licking it, and sucking deep, getting his face fucked as Harley pumps his solid dick into Jacks throat.

Next, Jack is leaning against the wall, with Harley on his knees, pulling his cheeks apart. He spits onto Jacks hole, getting it wet, rubbing it in, then licking it, pushing his tongue right up into Jacks arse. He stands, and rubs his fat cock against Jacks smooth wet hole, and then then slowly pushes it all the way in. Harley fucks slowly at first, with long strokes, showing plenty of length. Gradually he speeds up, and pulls Jacks cheeks apart, to get in even deeper. He fucks harder and faster now, till he is really pounding Jacks butt, till he cant take anymore.

The lads are on the sofa now, Harley on his back, holding his dick up, and Jack gently lowers himself onto it, facing us, letting his arse slide down Harleys thick fuck pole. He takes hold of his cock and jerks himself off as he moves up and down Harleys dick. Then Harley holds him up and thrusts into him, fucking him harder, making Jacks cock throb.

For the final position, Jack is on his back, Harley on his knees. He grips Jack by the ankles, holding his legs wide apart, and pushes his bulging prick back into Jacks hot moist arse. Harley fucks him deep and hard, his huge muscles glistening with sweat, pumped and bulging, as he fucks Jack harder and harder. Jack wanks himself as he gets pounded, till he cant hold off anymore, and suddenly he spurts, with a strong jet of cum shooting right up his chest, with more cum landing in pools over his abs. Harley pulls out, whips off the condom, and jerks off hard for only a couple of seconds before his thick bulging dick shoots massive hard spurts of hot spunk clear over Jacks shoulder, with more squirts pumping out over his body. Harley keeps going, squeezing out more and more cum.. Very hot and very intense.

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