HardBritLads - Daniel Johnson

HardBritLads - Daniel Johnson

Tall, young, confident, straight lad Daniel Johnson plays loads of football, and has an awesome body to show for it, with tight pecs, incredible abs, and big muscular thighs. Add to that a big thick uncut dick which is permanently rock solid, and you have a seriously hot package. Daniel has a strong face, with square jaw and thick lips, strawberry blonde hair, and fair skin, smooth on top, with hairy legs. He is a great looking lad, and 6 foot 2. We start off with an interview, Daniel sits back with his legs apart, in little sports shorts, giving us a nice view of his strong legs, and he chats openly about doing some gay for pay work, as well as his love of football. His voice is deep, gravelly, very sexy. After the interview, Daniel begins by rubbing his already stiff bulge in his shorts, and lifts his top to give us our first glimpse of his incredibly tight six pack. He lifts his top further, to play with his nipples, then goes back to rubbing and squeezing the rock hard bulge, which looks impressive even in his shorts. He removes his top, and continues working on his big bulge, showing it to us confidently, with lots of sexy looks into camera. He pulls down his shorts, and his hardon strains against the fabric of his white boxers. He teases us for a bit, pulling his dick around on his undies, before finally peeling them down, allowing his big meat to spring out. What a great cock he has, big and thick, rock hard, with lots of foreskin, natural pubes and big heavy balls too. Daniel reaches for some body oil, and pours it liberally over his chest and abs, and then drizzles some of the oil over his cock, before rubbing it all in, making his six pack and dick shiny and glistening. He plays with his foreskin for us, slowly sliding it back and forth over his bulging bell end, then jerking off hard, then slow. We have loads of great shots of Daniel and his hot body and girthy cock, he leaves his cock alone sometimes, to rub the oil in, or play with his nipples, and it’s always so solid it throbs, and we have very hot close ups of it from below, and point of view shots from above, as well as extreme close ups of foreskin action as he works it for the camera. He is confident performer. He moves onto the sofa, and jerks off some more, slow, then fast, varying the speed. He plays with his balls and nipples as well, and gives us some more foreskin action too. Very sexy arial shots of him from above. He rubs some spit into the end of his cock, and it really throbs now.. After some sexy wanking, he starts jerking off harder and faster, his breathing gets heavier and louder as he gets close, and then he spunks, it’s very thick and creamy, landing on his six pack in thick blobs, and it pours down over his hand and fingers as he continues squeezing out the rest of his cum. Fortunately for us, Daniel says he is happy to get sucked by a lad, and maybe even fuck a lad for the right price..

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