Handcuffed Scarlett Vs Ammalia & Akira: The dangerous bet

One Winner Forces Humiliates Two Losers
Scarlett takes a daring challenge. She bets Ammalia and Akira that she can
beat both of them with her hands handcuffed behind her. Scarlett only has to
knock out one girl to win the match.
1) The key to her handcuffs are hidden somewhere in the room. If she can find
them, that is the only time she can release her hands. But Ammalia and
Akira can always take the key away from her and keep it somewhere
once Scarlett finds it.
2) Scarlett is very impressive in the start. She holds off both
Ammlia and Akira and smothers them with her feet, while handcuffed.
3) However, Scarlett can only do so much with her hands cuffed,
so Ammalia and Akira eventually pounce on Scarlett.
Akira makes Scarlett lick her pussy, while Ammalia rubs Scarlett’s pussy with her feet.
While Ammalia and Akira are doing this,
they make out while Scarlett is suffering.
4) While they are making out, Scarlett is able to knock them both back
and Ammalia going down knocking the head on the wall.
Scarlett then smother Akira while she forcing her to tell where are the keys.
5) Scarlett runs and finds the keys in the room.
While they are both dizzy, Scarlett unlocks her handcuffs and quickly jumps on Akira.
6) Scarlett then smothers Akira and Akira can’t fight back.
Scarlett knocks out Akira and wins the match!
Double Victory Poses - Scarlett wins the match!

Losers Humiliated:
1) Scarlett ties up their hands, feet, arms and chest with rope.
She doesn’t gag them yet. When they wake up,
Scarlett grabs Ammalia and forces her to make out her while she has Akira suck on her toes.
Ammalia angrily kisses Scarlett, while Akira is angrily sucking Scarlett’s toes.
2) Next, Scarlett pushes Ammalia away and grabs Akira.
Now, Scarlett makes out with Akira and forces Ammalia to suck her toes.
3) After, Scarlett puts Akira next to Ammalia and leaves to go grab a role of duct tape.
She wraps the tape around Akira and Ammalia’s mouth.
After, she ties them together back to back with the tape.
4) Scarlett then gets two vibrators.
She ties one vibrator to Akira’s pussy and ties the other one to Ammalia’s pussy.
5) The rest of the video is them suffering with the vibrator
while they are tied together.
Scarlett then tickles them too so they suffer more.
Language is ITA sub ENG
Temps your tastes for… Fights, Foot Fetish, Foot Smother, Forced Foot Licking, Forced kissing, Foot Humiliation, Foot Domination, Nipple torture, Interracial, Fat girls, Facesittings, Bondage, Tickling, Forced Orgasms.
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