Gregor Bortel and Mirek Hodbod

Gregor Bortel and Mirek Hodbod

Gregor Bortel and Mirek Hodbod are two very good looking guys. We brought them together and they really got on very well. We see them enjoying a drink and they begin kissing each other. Then they start to remove their clothes, with each exploring the other's body. Gregor is the first to rid himself of his underwear and stands so that his cock is available for Mirek to suck. As he sucks on Gregor's throbbing cock Mirek wanks himself. Then Gregor goes down on his knees and reaches down to take Mirek's hard dick in his mouth as well. He sucks on that big cock and the, with lips wrapped tight around the head, Mirek starts fucking Gregor's mouth. After enjoying that cock Gregor removes Mirek's underwear and starts to explore his ass, with his tongue and then his finger. He works that hole with his finger and then, holding a leg in the air, slides his big cock deep into Mirek's ass. He really fucks that hot, hairy ass hard and fast, stetching the hole well. Then Gregor sits on the sofa and leans back, so that Mirek can sit right down on his cock. His ass slides over that cock and Mirek begins to ride it. As he rides he leans over and kisses Gregor on the mouth. Then he turns around and sits down on the cock again, working is ass all over it. Riding up and down Mirek wanks himself as well. He wanks faster and faster, breathing heavily, and shoots his cum all over one of Gregor's legs. Then Gregor aims his cock at Mirek's mouth and dumps his cum over the face and in that mouth. Mirek takes the spent cock in his mouth to clean it off before the guys enjoy a final kiss.

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