Greek Lightning (1973)

Greek Lightning (1973)

Year: 1973
Genre: Vintage, Pre-Condom, Rough Sex
Duration: 01:14:17
Director: Warren Stephens
Studio: Bijou
Cast: Steve Nelson, Jimmy Hughes, Rudy Thomas Foley, Jon Steele, Ted Lee, Ace Angel, Terry Samson, Dan Bach, Joe Daniels, Sean Johnson, Bob Wright, James Keliton, Gene Drake

Jimmy Hughes, stud muffin extraordinaire, plays a secret agent of sorts in this wonderfully executed , funny seventies film. Now, there isn't a whole lot of emphasis on the sex, but the outlandish story is so enjoyable that I barely noticed. Well, aren't pornos made for sexual pleasure? Yes, but once in a while a film like Greek Lightning offers so much boisterous joy that the sex becomes icing, the cherry in the fruity mixed drink . Any number of people may showabsolutely no interest in a porno film with at least three car chases and a campy villain worthy of a John Waters movie.

Greek Lightning was shot on film , made during a time in American History when pornography was screened in theaters, so it's no shocker that it imitates popular narrative form-in this case, a hybrid of James Bond and Dragnet. This film offers insight into the heights that were reached by filmmakers in the seventies' public atmosphere of pornographic consumption. Therefore the film 's important, and not only in its historical context, but also in comparison to today's expectations of what sexually explicit material should, and does nor does not, deliver. Besides, the guys are hot and the film's a scream .

The film opens with one of the greatest title sequences I've ever seen in a dirty movie. A fast-paced montage features naked men who punch, kick, and point guns. Double exposures of silhouettes in block colors float across the screen like the opening to every James Bond picture . Swinging music seals the deal, the only missing element-the unmistakable bleat of Shirley Bassey. Over images of our hot-stuff hero Jimmy Hughes, as Johnny Acropolis, on the move, a Joe Fridayvoice over provides the back-story for the shenanigans soon to unfold.

Johnny has been hired to intercept photographs of a tattooed man before a "secret homosexual underground" can use these photos to destroy a high-powered politician's life. Acropolis hops from his car to meet a scraggly tattoo artist. They greet and immediately get down to business , a blowjob. The raven-haired tattooist sucks Hughes' pretty cock . Hughes is simultaneously gorgeous and unassuming, a rare feat. He has a terrific body and a set of impeccable pecs. Hughes fucks the tattooist but is interrupted by an emergency call from his boss's secretary. He pulls out, apologizes, and pays the tattooist for the photos.

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