Good and bad

Good and bad

Year: 2000
Country: Czech Rep / USA
Genre: euro, twinks, anal, oral, cumshots, smooth
Length: 1:16:47
Directed by: Jan Novak
Studio: Studio 2000
Starring: Ladislav Pekar, Daniel Palffy, Ivan Rohan, Michal Richter, Michal Dobron, Marcel Manigati (as Marek Novy), Jan Brabec, Ivo Fiser, Petr Krasnoj, Anton Kahanek, les Hanak, Pavel Novotny

After a boy runs away from home, a father enrolls his son, Daniel Palffy, in a special school for delinquent boys. What Palffy doesnt know is that the boys in this school are special in another way. Upon his arrival, he catches the eye of Ladislav Pekar.
Palffy settles in and remembers why hes there. Preferring to go to bed early, he dreams of getting caught by police while hiding in an abandoned building. He also dreams of a former lover, Ivan Rohan, as they make love in a room full of candlelight. After some mutual 69, Rohan fucks Palffy until he cums all over the sofa.
Meanwhile, Ivo Fisher discovers Michael Dobron, the chefs assistant, while looking for the toilet. The two have passionate sex in the kitchen, making Dobron cum twice, both times while getting fucked.
Palffy believes that what happened in the kitchen is beginning to affect all of the boys, making them all hornier than normal. The first to notice the change are Marek Novy and Petr Krasnoj who meet in a gazebo in a nearby park. They devour each other only to be chased inside by a gardener. While they kiss passionately, they undress each other until Novy licks Krasnojs body down to his uncut cock. Krasnoj fingers Novy until hes loose and begins to fuck him as Jan Brabec enters for a three-way. He lets Novy suck his cock until Novy cums and he soon follows with a stream all over Novys shoulder.
Two more boys, Anton Kahanek and Michael Righter, are affected while playing cards. They waste no time fucking until Kahanek shoots gobs of white cream all over himself. Uncut Kahanek, shoots a mighty load as Righter fucks his tender young ass.
As the boys sit around one evening talking, Palffy leaves to go read a book and Pekar follows. This begins the most sensual scene in the film. The two enter into slow, tender lovemaking, as they realize they were meant for each other. Palffy worships Pekars large, stiff cock, then Pekar enters Palffy and slowly fucks him, as the two fall in love and embrace at the end.
This is a film for those who like their men young, and smooth. However, because all of the actors are Czech, they tend to look too much alike. Unfortunately, most of the boys in this film seem like their hearts arent into the sex scenes. Sucking tends to be light but the some of the fucking scenes are better.

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