Gio Cruz & Marcus Troy

Gio Cruz & Marcus Troy

Marcus is late for work – again. But luckily Gio has brought his mate’s overalls with him. Marcus starts changing but when he drops his pants and shows his meaty ass, Gio loses any will to work he had and just walks up to Marcus to let him know the schedule has changed. He half heartedly complains but feeling Gio’s finger on his hole and knowing Gio packs a big cock in his pants makes him forget about work and gives in. He turns around, they kiss, Marcus slowly works his way down Gio’s hairless body till he gets to the bulge growing in his jock. Marcus backs up onto the bed and sucks it on all fours allowing Gio to reach for his ass a bit more. Marcus then turns on his back and gets his throat deep fucked and his cock sucked. The boys enjoy the 69 but Marcus has other needs that need to be taken care of. He turns around and presents his ass again to Gio; who is more than happy to lubricate with his own spit before plunging his cock deep inside Marcus. He drills his hole deep before turning him again on his back for more deep fucking that culminates in their loads being shot on each other’s chest.

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