George Basten, Chorche & Caleb Moreton

George Basten, Chorche & Caleb Moreton

Ever have a secret you just can’t bring yourself to tell anyone? Eventually, you have to or you’ll bust. Take George Basten, for example. He doesn’t have a secret as much as he has a fantasy he’s been wanting to experience for a while now. Obsessed with the very idea of being skewered by two huge dicks to the point where he can no longer concentrate, George finally tells his buddy Chorche. The young man does what every good friend should. He listens. But then he takes it a step further and winds up helping George get what he wants.

When the day of his birthday celebration finally arrives, George is happy to see his friend and tall, skinny Caleb Moreton. But George is even more excited when Chorche tells him to close his eyes because they have a big surprise. And nothing could be better than the enormous surprise Caleb whips out and leaves hanging before George, so that when the tanned, blond twink opens his eyes, all he has to do is open his mouth and starts sucking. The lucky birthday boy sucks both his buddies, bouncing back and forth between them. He then gets spit-roasted and tag team fucked by Chorche and Caleb’s monster cock until there’s cum EVERYWHERE, including George’s face. So the next time someone asks you what YOU want for your birthday, make sure you don’t skimp out on the details because you just NEVER know!

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