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Studio: Broke Straight Boys
Video: language: English

We have a surprise here at Broke Straight Boys; it's Tyler's 20th birthday. I told Tyler that a BSB members, Rifle, had a present for him and that we had also contributed to the occasion. Although somewhat apprehensive at what his 'surprise' might be, as soon as he saw who walked through the door, Tyler was grinning from ear to ear, obviously happy with his gift. Leon walked in, holding a large cake that Rifle had had custom made for Tyler while Leon was our gift to him. Tyler had a closer look at his cake; it was a beautiful looking cake, featuring a naked Tyler printed directly onto the white frosting with 'Happy Birthday' along the bottom. From Tyler's smile, he was looking forward to the shoot, agreeing that Leon was pretty sexy in his white undies. Right away, Tyler and Leon had a relaxed camaraderie together, just like their previous oral shoot. I told them that they were going to fuck, Tyler stating he was going to top while Leon agreed that because it was Tyler's birthday, it was whatever he wanted, although, Leon didn't look like he minded in the least. We agreed that Tyler would get $1000 for topping and Leon would get $1200 to bottom for his second time.

Tyler stripped off to his underwear, sitting on the futon next to Leon and with the porn playing, the guys had their dicks in hand and were starting to get hard. Once his underwear was off, Leon leaned over and took Tyler's cock in his mouth, cupping and rolling the heavy balls as Tyler looked down, watching Leon at work. Right away, Leon had Tyler rock hard while Tyler reached around to tug on Leon's dick. It was only a matter of minutes before Tyler was ready to fuck Leon's ass but in order to cool him down a bit, I told him to return the favour to Leon. They opened up the futon and lay down, Tyler swallowing down Leon's solid shaft while Leon wrapped a hand around Tyler's dick and jerked him off to keep him hard. Both boys moved into a 69 position, moaning from the double pleasure until it was clear that they were both ready to move things along.

Leon was down in the doggie position, leaning on a couple of cushions while Tyler was behind him, slowly pushing into that straight boy ass. Leon gasped and grunted in discomfort as Tyler kept inching his way in, telling Tyler that his cock felt huge inside of him. Tyler reached underneath Leon, taking his cock in a tight grip and giving Leon the BSB favoured brand of distraction. Still, there was no doubt that Leon was moaning every now and again in pleasure. Switching to an easier position, Leon lay on his back, legs on Tyler's shoulders, Tyler sliding right into Leon's hot ass. Driving his cock into Leon with short quick thrusts, Tyler ran his hand along Leon's chest, breathing heavy as he found a steady rhythm, while from Leon's moaning and rock hard cock, it was obvious that he was enjoying being fucked. The guys were so into it, I told them they should kiss, both boys laughing at first before I offered Tyler extra to do it. With a promise of an extra $200, Tyler leaned down and kissed Leon gently before, in an aggressive move, Leon twisted his fingers through Tyler's short hair and pulled him in closer for some very passionate kissing. Coming up for air, Tyler blushed, declaring that 'it was pretty good!'

He went right back to pounding Leon's ass, bending Leon's knees right back and going deeper than ever, Leon moaning at the new sensation. A word from Tyler that he was close to climax and he pulled out, jerking on his cock and cumming over Leon's upper chest. Tyler decided to help Leon out, wrapping his hand around Leon's dick and wanking him off hard and fast, Leon spraying himself in the mouth and over his stomach. I hope you all enjoy watching Tyler's birthday celebration as much as he enjoyed shooting it.

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Release Year: 2013
Genres: Anal Sex, Blowjob, Cumshots/Facial, Fingering, Kissing, Masturbation, Muscles, Piersing, Red-Haired, Rimming, Senior/Junior, Tattoos, Uncut.

It can be lonely at the top, sometimes you have to make your own fun whether , bribed or by other means. JP has called Harley and Troy up to his office, he knows there have been some dodgy goings on amongst his men. Claiming not to be interested he tells them he doesn�t care, so long as it doesn�t get in the way of business. He rudely dismisses them before calling back Harley to discuss another matter, his bonus. He takes out a wedge of �50�s, gently flexing it in the air, tapping it into his other hand. Before he takes it, he wants something else in return, beckoning him over until they are stood toe to toe. Harley towers over JP but he is not intimidated� rather the other way around. �Come on big guy, you know what I want.�

Grabbing his tie, he pulls him in to kiss him and throws the cash onto the black glass of his desk. His cold and clinical office heats up fast with hot, deep kissing. Ties and jackets hit the floor. Stripping each other further they take turns devouring each others cocks in a spit fuelled suck-fest, both guys are over 8� thick and uncut. Harley pushes JP over the edge of the desk, he�s not afraid to be rough with his boss, this is what he wants. Shoving his tongue and fingers into JP�s tight fuck hole, he begins to loosen him up, JP is loving every second. This moment is for lovers of arseplay. Spreading him further and further he works up to 4 fingers of those big shovel hands deep in his hole stretching his arse and his limits. Standing up he takes first position, rubbing his throbbing cock head against JP�s eager and warmed up hole. Plunging in, he gives him all he�s got, fucking him stupid JP grabbing the desk edge for support, Harley�s chest pumping with every thrust. Taking it down to the floor, Harley can really slam his butt now. It starts to get very sweaty, JP on his back and Harley working his hole from above him, sweat dripping down onto him. Pushing him up and over, Harley JP to shoot his load over his own face before climbing over him and giving him another face-full. NOW he�s earned that bonus.

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Studio: Pacific Sun Entertainment
Cast: Billy Brandt, Kirk Kelley, Damian Ford, Jason Hawke, Dane Brando, Drew Peters, Gregg Rockwell, Jay Ross
Genres: Gay, DILF, Couples
Video: language: English

We cut to cute blonde gym twink Drew Peters on a beach in Key West. He finds a message in a bottle that turns out to be Billy�s island SOS. Fortunately for Drew, there�s a cell phone number to call, and a yummy Polaroid shot of stranded Billy, so he�s got something to fantasize about. Unfortunately for viewers, Billy provides the laughably written, embarrassingly executed voice-over narration of the letter, as well as �acts� with Drew on the phone. It�s all patently ridiculous. This, plus his girly squeal, is reason enough to want someone to shove a sock in Billy�s mouth. Or something else that rhymes with it.

Back on Sex Island, Doctor Vixen (Damian Ford) presides over a trio of his sex slaves as they�re waiting in the dungeon. Our boy Billy is on a nearby table, inexplicably shaved down to a tight buzz cut. Exotic love potions are distributed and suddenly the two buff slaves (scruffy stud Gregg Rockwell and beefy muscle hunk Jason Hawke) and the lean slave clamped to the rack (boyish, tasty Dane Brando) have themselves a sweaty three-way. Doctor Vixen watches and whacks off from his isolated bank of surveillance monitors (sordid shades of Sliver, anyone?). As Gregg and Jason distract themselves by taking turns pounding Dane�s throat and rectum, Billy wakes up and makes a run for it. The scene builds to a splashy climax, leaving Dane covered in puddles of creamy goo.

There�s some more atrociously acted stuff detailing Drew and Billy chatting on the cell phone. Though only minutes after Billy�s flight from the dungeon, his cropped hair has miraculously been restored to its full, lustrous light brown mane, complete with frosted blonde highlights.

Format: lavfpref
Duration: 22:24
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Release Year: 2013
Genres: Anal Sex, Big Dicks, Blowjob, Cumshots, Fingering, Kissing, Masturbation, Muscles, Rimming, Tattoos, Uncut.

On a 21st century deserted city backdrop, Troy and Issac are impeccably dressed in sharp suits. Issac carries what appears to be a very important briefcase, they are on a job and there is tension in the air. Issac tells Troy to carry on without him, as he thinks they�ve been followed. Troy explains that �Boss told them not to split up�, Issac firmly interrupts him,�..And I said GO!�
They separate, Issac making his way to the tram platform. A mysterious, anonymous stranger steps out of a carriage carrying an identical case, stopping to tie his shoelace he places his case down. Swiftly, Issac swaps the cases and hurries onwards. Reconvening at the roadside, they take a look around suspiciously before hopping into a car sent for them. Speeding off into the distance, the job is done.

They arrive back at their hotel, safe and sound. Troy is new to this line of work and says he hopes it�s not like that every day. They flop down on to the couch in their suite. Issac tells him �it�s all part of the job�.
�Certainly gets the blood pumping!� Troy grabs his crotch, clearly the endorphins are still rushing through him. Issac likes where this is going. They kiss and begin to strip one another. They may as well get good use of the plush room the boss has laid on for them! Making their way to the bed, they get comfortable, then they get filthy. Maneuvering into a hot, slurpy sixty-nine, they go to town on each others dicks, sucking for all their worth. Troy moves into position to take Issacs massive meat, these guys have a hot chemistry, sexy tattoos and a ravenous sexual appetite. Troy bottoms like a pro, letting Issac hammer his fuck-hole for all he can take it. Both guys cream over Troy, Issac shooting a massively powerful load. All part of the job�

Format: mp4
Duration: 23:12
Video:: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 2919kbps
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Cast: Gabriel Clark and Alexy Tyler
Genres: Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Muscle, Cumshots, Rimming, Facial, Tattoos
Video: language: English

A few weeks ago we visited the cottage of a fan of Men of Montr�al to shoot a couple of scenes. It was a beautiful day, sunny and warm with a light breeze along the edge of the mighty St-Lawrence River. We thought it would be a great idea to team up two seasoned models and when we suggested to Gabriel Clark that he shoot with Alexy Tyler, and to Alexy that he shoot with Gabriel, the two were thrilled. Once we got to the cottage, both were keen on taking a swim in the calm waters and were just as keen about getting nasty together. So what better way to meet both their needs than by getting them to make out in the river...
While the guys were swimming around, they started getting frisky and boners started to edge out of the water. After playing with each other's cock and balls, they then got into some mutual cock-sucking. The water might have been a bit cool, but things between these two were obviously heating up.
Gabriel then challenged his partner to a race to the dock and the winner would be the top. Was it Gabriel's swimming skills that were better or simply Alexy's deliberate desire to serve up his ass to such a power top, we don't know; but Alexy didn't seem disappointed in any way to lose the race.Once on the dock, the guys really got going, rimming, sucking and... obviously fucking their way to orgasm. It was cool to see how the two were so attentive to each other's needs. They just seemed to know what each other wanted. They were in sync. It was particularly hot to see Alexy ride Gabriel's cock on the lounge chair, then to see Gabriel plow his partner's ass, pressing Alexy back and forth against the dock's guardrail. At one point, we were afraid it might give way... All went well though and the look of contentment on Alexy's face told the story of a very happy bottom.
Gabriel loves to pile drive a hot ass, so it was normal that this was how the two would ready up to shoot. Gabriel did such a good job at opening Alexy's ass up on the lounge chair and against the guardrail, that when he plowed into Alexy's ass on the deck floor it went in like a breeze. We could see that Alexy was getting close. So, Gabriel laid him flat down on the floor and continued to fuck his bottom boy, talking dirty to him as he was getting closer and closer to shoot. This took Alexy over the edge. With Gabriel's cock still in his ass, he released a nice thick load. Gabriel didn't waste time and started sucking on his Alexy's now spent but very sensitive dick, lapping up his mate's white jizz.
Gabriel then went back to pile driving Alexy's ass to get himself ready to shoot. Once he pulled out, he knelt down and shot another one of his notoriously huge loads in Alexy's face, mouth, and tongue, and well beyond his head. Alexy returned the favour of sucking his partner's knob. They then kissed and swapped the oozing cum out of each other's mouths.
On the ride back to Montreal, these two hit it off pretty well, chatting non stop. I'm guessing this first encounter won't be their last.

Format: mp4
Duration: 24:48
Video:: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 4640kbps
Audio: 100kbps

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Studio: Men of Montreal
Video: language: English

This was one of the three scenes that we shot last month at a friend's house in the Mauricie region of Quebec, 1.5 hour east of Montreal. We combined muscles and brawn in this one, as Ivan Lenko, our hunky Ukrainian Canadian, and Zeus-size Christian Power squared off.

We were shooting on the huge patio deck, so the guys were able to take in the sun's unobstructed rays. Next door, we could occasionally hear the neighbours talking, oblivious to the shenanigans going on in our side. The roar of transport trucks on the nearby uphill highway helped to muffle the heavy breathing and panting that we were generating on set. As the morning started off nice and sunny, clouds moved in progressively and the scene's finale was actually shot under a huge patio parasol, covering the guys from the intense showers suddenly rushing down on us. So if the guys look a bit awestruck or distracted, the tight surroundings under the parasol didn't help matters.Our two bodybuilders' engines were revved up that day and they quickly started playing with themselves as they were chatting. It wasn't long before Ivan moved into position next to Christian and began admiring and worshiping his rock hard chest, abs and arms. Christian was anxious to see how Ivan's mouth would feel with a lip ring wrapped around his cock; so he gladly served it up when Ivan asked if he could go down on him.

The heat was getting the better of Ivan, so his lips left Christian's cock as he got up and went to cool off under a shower head. Once under the jet though, Ivan was stunned as the water turned suddenly and brutally cold. There was no hot water coming from the shower head, so we had to give him a break while shooting to let him warm up under the daytime sun. Ivan returned to shower, holding back his body shivering and teeth chatter from the cameras' glare... What a champ!!

Once he rejoined Christian, they both stood up and got into some intense muscle worshiping and fondling. Christian eventually went onto his knees and gave his fellow bodybuilder a boner-inducing blow job. After some hot kissing and a lot of attention to Ivan's nipples and arm pits, Christian placed his partner in an inclined lounge chair and continued to blow his hot dick. Ivan was clearly enjoying all the attention.

As they both got back up, Ivan went for a second round on Christian's cock. He then moved the bulky muscle hunk up against the deck's wooden fence and dove his tongue into the very deeply hidden asshole. Getting to Christian's hole is always a challenge for guys because his ass cheeks are so massive and tight. But Ivan made it through and got his partner's ring all wet and ready for a fuck. Christian then moved back onto another lounge chair, giving Ivan better access as he went back to fucking his bigger partner.The guys were getting all hot and heavy when the rain started to fall. We quickly placed a parasol over their heads and bodies, letting them quickly get back to jacking their uncut dicks. Christian was distracted by the falling rain, but he still managed to be the first to announce that he would cum. After saying 'me too', Ivan actually beat him to it and was the first to shoot his huge load of cum on the face of a surprised-looking Christian. His surprised and awkward look was hilarious. Christian did pause from his own cum shot to let Ivan empty his balls, but quickly resumed his jacking off when his partner finished; seconds later, he shot his load on his abs.

Thunder and lightning had been forewarning us of a deluge that ultimately came about 15 seconds after the guys shot. With the wind now swirling, the parasol was of no more use in covering us from the rain. Things turned quickly into a mad dash for cover to prevent the equipment from getting soaked.

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Duration: 24:39
Video:: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 4702kbps
Audio: 95kbps

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Release Year: 2013
Studio: staxux
Cast: Christian, Orlando & Tyler
Genres: gay,anal,oral,hardcore,cumshot
Video: language: English

Chav-Boy Trio Proves A Cock-Sucking, Spit-Roasting, Face-Splattering Delight! So be honest now. What would you do if you were sat with a couple of horny guys who were much too busy snogging each others faces off to actually notice what you were doing? Well, that's the dilemma that Orlando White faces when he hooks up with Tyler Dee and Christian Martin in this fabulous multinational chav-inspired threesome. Fortunately for everyone concerned, White doesn't do what plenty of other chaps would do in such a situation, i.e. give up interest and go home.Instead, he simply goes with the flow, strips off his pants and then waits for the opportunity to join in the fun. Suffice it to say that all that free-flowing Stella Artois on offer ensures that it isn't too long before such a chance presents himself; and before you know it the trio of representatives from Spain, Holland and Hungary are pushing international relations to a whole new level.Beginning with Spains Martin, who takes the cocks of Dee and White in turn; before White turns his attention on that pert little black ass of Dee's and gives the Dutch boy the kind of intense raw fucking he deserves. Ultimate recognition here, however, must go to Martin, who literally plasters Dee's face with cream courtesy of the kind of cum-shot that could almost drown a man! Whilst White and Dee spew their own fine loads to make this the kind of scene to remember!

Format: mp4
Duration: 23:12
Video:: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 4868kbps
Audio: 122kbps

File size: 848.9 MB
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Release Year: 2013
Genres: Gay, Anal, Oral, Orgy, Group Sex
Video: language: English

Poor Austin Storm! Freshly dumped by his girl and heartbroken, he's been sulking more than usual lately. Lucky for him he's got friends like Brandon Bronco, who is just the sort of buddy to take a personal interest in his friend's state of mind. Brandon brings Austin up to another friend's house for a Bro filled weekend with just the guys. Gonna drink some brews, ride the ATV a little, maybe play in the mud, whatever strikes their fancy. Liam Magnuson, Christian Cayden and Corbin West are already up at the house, prepping wood for the cookout and they have the keg already on ice. With a twist and a splash, Christian taps the keg and the party is underway, as the guys lift their guest of honor for some inaugural keg stands, and Brandon notices Austin's bulge in his jeans. After riding on the ATV for a while, then cooling off with the hose, the guys get in a little wrestling in the mud pit, then shower off as the afternoon sun starts to peak. A little tired and a whole lot of horny, the guys file back to the keg and before he knows what's going on, Austin finds himself naked surrounded by his friends, stripped and doused with beer, as Liam runs the tap down his spine and laps up the suds while tonguing Austin's hole. Corbin begins to suck him off from the front, while Christian and Brandon begin to remove their clothes. Making their way over to a clearing, Liam pumps Christian from behind as Austin watches, noting the absolute pleasure contained on Christian's face. Deciding that he wants some of that, Austin and Christian switch places, and Liam's magic cock takes a turn pounding Austin, while Christian backs up onto Brandon's 9' dick, while Corbin splits the difference between both parties. But Brandon has a special interest in Austin, and so before he climaxes, the guys switch once again, lifting Austin up and lowering him onto his best bud, as Brandon thrusts and fucks up into Austin, and Austin moans in disbelief at what he's been missing all this time. As the guys circle around Austin and then, one by one, shower him with cum, Austin forgets all about his girl and learns the true meaning of the phrase, 'Bros before Hos.'

Format: mp4
Duration: 22:58
Video:: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 4633kbps
Audio: 148kbps

File size: 805.5 MB
Download Gimme Five - Liam Magnuson, Brandon Bronco, Christian Cayden, Austin Storm and Corbin West

Cast: Jordan Levine and Levi Michaels
Genres: Anal Sex, Blowjob, Cumshots, Facial, Fingering, Kissing, Muscles, Masturbation, Rimming, Tattoos
Video: language: English

Rather than take in the beauty of the park, Levi would rather bury his head in his phone. He scrolls through messages while sitting on the park bench. Then along comes Jordan who bumps into him as he walks by. Jordan lightly caresses Levi as he excuses himself for being so clumsy. Levi looks up and sees Jordan staring down at him. Everything stops. Levi sees and knows nothing other than Jordan and his luscious lips and big muscles. As Jordan walks on, Levi instinctively follows him. He hides behind the trees so Jordan can not see him being a stalker. Jordan looks back and Levi ducks behind the tree. He is afraid he might have been caught. He looks back past the tree and Jordan is no where to be found. When he turns around, he is confronted by Jordan face to face. Levi tenses up as Jordan grabs him. And just before Levi can apologize, Jordan sticks his tongue down his throat. The two start making out. We transition away from the park to a place where these two can get more comfortable. Clothes get ripped off and Levi goes down on Jordan. He slurps down and deep throats Jordan over and over. He turns Jordan around and goes for his ass. Jordan gets so turned on from having his ass eaten, he pushes down Levi and goes after his cock and ass. Seeing Levi with his legs up in the air behind his head is just too much. He puts on a condom and slips it in. He then proceeds to fuck the bejesus out of Levi. He takes him missionary and doggy and reverse cowgirl, until finally Levi starts to ride him. He busts all over Jordan and then feeds his dripping cock to him, covering his mouth in cum. Levi kisses him and licks the cum off of his lips then moves downward as Jordan pumps his shaft. Seconds later a geyser of cum erupts right into Levi. He gobbles up every last bit. I guess it looks like this time, being a stalker paid off.

Format: mp4
Duration: 25:23
Video:: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 3316kbps
Audio: 91kbps

File size: 634.0 MB
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Release Year: 2013
Studio: red hot latino
Cast: Nicolas & Jaime
Genres: gay,anal,oral,hardcore,cumshot
Video: language: English

Nicolas is in the boxing ring. He's joined by sparring partner Jaime. The two dance around each other exchanging smiles and jabs. As the fighting gets more aggressive, Nicolas deals Jaime a mean left hook, knocking him into the ropes. Jaime's head spins from the punch until Nicolas shows he's sorry by tenderly kissing him. As Jaime comes to, he dizzily lands on his knees where Nicolas' cock awaits his open mouth. Jaime's quick to gulp the thick, curved cock down his open throat. Nicolas sucks Jaime for a few rounds till he gets him turned around. With Jaime's sweet butt in the air, Nicolas tongues Jaime's hole then spanks his ass good. He then pulls Jaime back down to his cock by Jaime's thick hair, holding on while he fucks the bottoms throat. After he's had enough of Jaime's throat, Nicolas turns Jaime back around and spits into his hole to lube him up. As Nicolas begins to jackhammer his partner's wet, smooth butt, Jaime moans hungrily, pushing his hips back on to the thick rod impaling him. The two wind up on the mat, with Nicolas watching his own cock tear into Jaime. Jaime reaches back to hold his ass open for all the cock he can get. Jaime then sits on Nicolas bobbing all the way down to Nicolas' balls. Nicolas' hips take over and then eventually he ends up on top. Nearing the point of no return, Nicolas sucks little Jaime's load out of his balls, thirstily slurping it down. It's then Nicolas' turn to shoot down Jaime's throat which he does in short order, wiping the load all over Jaime's face. Nicolas uses his tongue to make sure Jaime gets all the cum in his mouth.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 41:43
Video:: 720x406, Windows Media Video: V7
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 797.4 MB
Download Red Hot Latinos-Nicolas & Jaime