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Intporn Silver
Stimulus Package #2

Studio: DVSMen
Cast: Poax Lenehan, Adriano Becker, Emanuel Blay, Patrick Lost, Alemao, Andre Gaucho, Rafael Fellipo, Toni Lee
Genres: Anal, Athletes, Brazilian, Masturbation, Nipple Play, Oral, Tattoos, Uncut

Description: If this doesn't stimulate your package... you like girls! Who wants a girl when you can get your hands, mouth and ass in and around these massive stimulus packages!
Total size: 876.0 MB in 4 files.



Intporn Silver
Something Wild 1984

Release Year: 1984
Cast: Scott Avery Glen Armstrong Brian Michaels Gavin Burke Randy Page
Genres: Feature Classic Pre-Condom

Description: This film is the first full-sound, full-scale release from Nova Studios. Curly blond Scott Avery and Glen Armstrong are two backpackers exchanging sex stories over an evening's campfire as they spend their spring break in the High Sierras.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:56:00
Video: 720x480, DivX 5, 762kbps
Audio: 187kbps
File size: 814.8 MB



Intporn Silver
Guys Go Crazy #45: Creamed Jeans

Studio: Guys Go Crazy
Genres: Anal, Eastern European, Masturbation, Nipple Play, Oral, Orgy, Piercings, Real Men, Tattoos, Twinks, Uncut, White

Description: Men in jeans, you just gotta love 'em...and these gay party boys really know how to work that denim, showing off their sexy asses wrapped up in their pants and getting the mood just right for a jeans-themed orgy party that'll go down in the history books! At GGC the scene is always wicked sexy, and it only explodes in this party once the jeans come off and these guys really get down to it, but not to worry for you jean fetishists out there, there's still some denim jacket action and jeans strung out all over the club for you to satisfy yourself with. And, as is always the case at GGC, there's just way too much ass packin' and dick suckin' for one club in the normal world, but this is the insane world of Guys Go Crazy, where anything and everything can and does happen in extreme form!
Total size: 728.2 MB in 3 files.



Intporn Silver
Guys Go Crazy #41

Studio: Guys Go Crazy
Genres: Anal, Athletes, Feature, Oral, Orgy, Rimming, Twinks, White

Description: 'Guys Go Crazy 41: Shower Buddies has done it again, this time bringing you your ultimate shower orgy fantasy packed with so much cock and ass action that you'll need to run to the shower yourself before this baby is over. This orgy comes about just after Team GGC's intense, sweat-inducing soccer practice, when they understandably all need to hop into the shower, but these dozen studs are fooling themselves if they think they can all scrub themselves down side-by-side without popping boners and getting overwhelmed by the need to hop on each other and start going to town right then and there. They may have entered the shower to cool down, but by the time these guys are done fucking and sucking each other they're even more worn out than before they stepped in. No worry, these guys are always down for a satisfying workout – till next week's practice, guys.'
Total size: 723.2 MB in 3 files.



Intporn Silver
Booty Call Boys #2

Studio: DVSMen
Cast: Sebastian, Leandro, Matias, Vladimir, Maquina, Morcos, Rubino, Tarado
Genres: Anal, European, Masturbation, Nipple Play, Oral, Real Men, Tattoos, Uncut, White

Description: The urge comes on and all you think about is stuffin' your cock deep into some tight, man ass!! Isn't it nice to know that you've got a friend who's always ready to drop to his knees and service your cock? Anytime.. day or night... He's your Booty Call Boy!
Total size: 848.8 MB in 4 files.



Intporn Silver
Straight Men Taste Good

Cast: Jason Reed Adam Mansfield Chris Reins San Ave Ty (SX)
Genres: Amateur Blowjob Cumshot Muscles Str8 Bait

Description: Jason Reed is at it again. He loves sucking straight cock because he says it tastes good and the cum is so tangy. He feasts on seven men in this outing. Ty is a 21-year-old frat guy who likes all types of girls and does it all. He especially likes when they know how to suck cock. He likes to be an exhibitionist too and it doesn’t take much to get his clothes off and Jason’s mouth on his big piece. He shoots a mighty load, which Jason eats. David Marritt has done some guy-on-guy video work behind his girlfriend’s back. He is pretty comfortable letting Jason have a taste. Justin likes all kinds of porn. He shows off his jacking skills for a bit and blasts a huge load that flies clear up to his forehead. It is amazing. Sebastien Leon is a hairy muscle dude. He got his big guns while in jail. It is there that he also got his dick sucked by a lot of guys. And liked it. He also likes beating off while playing with Jason’s rear and a dildo in his own. Will Allen is a bar hopper and likes dating lots of girls at the same time. He doesn’t want to be tied down. Chris Reins say he is pretty much straight and is a bit of a man whore with the ladies. He is open to doing it with the guys, too. Jason sucks out his first guy-induced load. San Ave is a handsome Texan with an uncut dick as big as his home state. He likes jacking it with both hands until he generates a thick stream of juice he shares with Jason. Adam Mansfield is big muscled, tattooed and an ex-Marine. He is also a bouncer, so he takes no mess. Jason asks for and gets a mouth fucking and a belly ...

Format: avi
Duration: 1:20:28
Video: 640x480, DivX 5, 1147kbps
Audio: 125kbps
File size: 757.8 MB



Intporn Silver
Booty Bandit 3

Release Year: 2013
Studio: Chocolate Cream
Cast: Mr. X, Osian, Sexy Swagger, Envy, Xclusive
Genres: Bareback, Anal, Oral sex, Big Dick, Black-Men

He's back....for more ass pumping action. come watch as The Booty Bandit gets served as we show him how much we appreciate him.

Format: lavfpref
Duration: 1:09:54
Video: 640x480, AVC (H.264), 1594kbps
Audio: 122kbps
File size: 881.7 MB



Intporn Silver
Bareback Cocktails

Studio: DVSMen
Cast: Thiago, Kaike, Alexsander, Kaique Brito, Diego La Torre, Victor Vladesko, Mauricio Ferrari, Marcio Savoy
Genres: Anal, Bareback, Brazilian, Feature, Oral, Rimming, Twinks

Description: Slip into something comfortable and pour yourself a tall one! Then again, you may not need it. You might just get drunk off the fire these sexy studs ignite when they fuck. Pssst...and by the way, no condoms here!

Total size: 785.7 MB in 4 files.



Intporn Silver
Guys Go Crazy #42: Creamed Jeans

Studio: Guys Go Crazy
Genres: Anal, Athletes, Eastern European, Masturbation, Nipple Play, Oral, Orgy, Piercings, Tattoos, Uncut, White

Description: Ah yes, men in just gotta love 'em. They're casual, sexy, cool, and most importantly, jeans are easy to pull down and wow all the members of Club GGC! Seeing as how this is Guys Go Crazy, it really doesn't take long for the jeans themed fashion show to come to an end and the cocks to come out, and once these guys get a glimpse of all the man meat around there's no stopping the snowball effect that is a world-famous GGC sex party! The club is well furnished with couches, and the dudes are sprawled out all over them taking full advantage of the many positions where they can finagle themselves into and fuck and suck away. This party's just getting started, so grab yourself a pair of jeans and join the jeans team!

Total size: 825.5 MB in 3 files.



Intporn Silver
Rock Star

Studio: Falcon Studios

Paddy O'Brian is a Rock Star!, and Falcon exposes a side of him you've never seen, and does something he's never done before on film. Director Andrew Rosen lets you vicariously experience life on the road when you're hot, horny, irresistible and sexually insatiable. Paddy's manager, muscle-stud Alex Graham, and promoter Colby Chambers have their hands full trying to control the hunky star. Well, maybe their hands are full of each other. Alex is the instigator and wiry Colby is too willing to put his ass on the line. The pressures of life on the road drive Ray Diaz and Jimmy Durano into a crazy poolside coupling, where sunshine and cocktails unlock Ray's desire with Jimmy's fat cock as the key. Then there are the bodyguards, Cal Skye and Sebastian Rossi. Under the broiling sun, who can blame them for shucking those black uniforms? Then there's nothing to hide their rippling muscles and raging hard ons. Someone's perimeter is going to be breeched. Meanwhile, cute youngster Joey Cooper is the groupie who sneaks past the bodyguards. His idol, hot and horny Paddy, is bored and willing to be persuaded by Joey's seductive ways, plus a tight ass on a hot fan warrants further exploration by Paddy. It makes Joey's day, especially when the "straight" object of his desire does something he's never a guys ass! This Rock Star! and his entourage are bound to have you rock hard and shooting for the stars!

Format: lavfpref
Duration: 1:36:53
Video: 1024x576, AVC (H.264), 1269kbps
Audio: 62kbps
File size: 948.3 MB