Gauge - Girl Power 2


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Gauge - Girl Power 2

The description: Gauge and Mojo. Gauge has B cup tits (natural), long brown hair, and is very cute. Gauge does a nice little teasing, which is a great turn on!! Gauge also is very dominant and vocal in the scene, nice touch. Gauge really shows how much of a sex temple her body really is here, the sheer flexibility of this girl is GREAT!. The sex was VERY GOOD, and both people seemed to really be tuned in on the sex going on. The anal here was good too, and got BETTER when he fucked her ass while she stood ON HER HANDS! Good lighting, camera angles, and a FANTASTIC FINISH...this by FAR is the favorite scene of the movie and one of the HOTTEST scenes I have seen in a WHILE!! Bareback. Scene ends in a AWESOME anal cream pie (WOOHOO!)

Size: 331 MB
Format: avi
Duration: 00:24:44
Resolution: 512x384