Gabriella Fox & Scott Nails - Hard Candy 4


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Gabriella Fox & Scott Nails - Hard Candy 4
Date: 9/16/2008

The description: Gabriella opens up her scene as she is standing up against a wall wearing a tiny little white mini skirt and a super hot stripped bikini top. The camera moves up and down on the tanned beauty and I must say this girl has one hell of a tight looking sexy body. Gabriella and Scott begin to kiss as the camera continues to pan up and down on the body of Gabriella and we can obviously tell this girl is quite turned on with her pussy getting so wet it is dripping down onto her inner thigh. After a bit Scott pulls down the Mini Skirt of Gabriella and lays her on her back on a bed where he begins to eat out and play with her pussy. Scott takes his time here and I cant blame the guy because if I had Gabriella laying on her back with her legs spread in front of my face I could probably spend all day with my lips on her pussy. The pair then find their way to a shower where Gabriella gets on her knees and sucks and strokes on Mr. Nails cock all while both are getting soaked from the water falling onto their bodies. Scott eventually grabs the shower head and places it between her legs letting the water massage Gabriella's pussy. After a bit Scott then bends over the wet beauty and begins to fuck her first in standing doggy but that quickly transitions into standing reverse cowgirl and then finally back into doggy. The couple then leave the shower and head back to the bed where Gabriella lays bend over the side and Scott enters her cunt from behind. After pumping Gabriella's twat in the doggy position the two go at it in spooning and the camera closes in on Scott's cock as it pumps in and out of Gabriella's bald love box. The pair then do a bit more doggy before they fuck in reverse cowgirl and then cowgirl. I really found that the camera had too many close shots though and I was left a bit disappointed by that fact as sometimes I wanted to catch the visual entirety of what was going on rather that a super close shot of Gabriella's face and or pussy. To wrap up the scene Scott lays on his back where Gabriella sucks him off them strokes his cock to a cum eruption.

Size: 282 MB
Format: AVI
Duration: 00:36:36
Resolution: 512x288