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Not only is Roland Dane a great performer but now he's become a pretty good director as well. "Firestarter" features a bevy of Hungarian hunks all delivering some top-notch performances that will have you grabbing your cock and jerking it all night long.The story centers around Johnny Huzosh and Fernando Nielsen and opens with them in bed. Johnny's all hot and horny but Fernando gives him the old brush off and the two go to sleep. Johnny dozes off and has his own fantasy that takes place in a smoke filled, candle lit, leather fantasy room with leatherman George Caesar. Johnny gets slapped around a bit with a "cat-o-nine tails" before getting his ass fucked with a nice, big, dildo. After some brief dildo ass play George shoves his own hard cock deep inside him. Johnny moans with pleasure as he gets rammed. George pulls out and Johnny licks his boots before settling atop George's cock some more. He rides it up and down while George gently whips him. The fantasy continues with George going down and blowing Johnny, and then lies down to let Johnny fuck him, and ends with him sitting on top of Johnny back to front. George pushes down on top of Johnny's cock and jerks himself off before letting Johnny blow his own wad.
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Duration: 1:24:30
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Ace's Place (2002)

Categories: Oral/Anal Sex, Muscle Men, Toys, Big Cock, Dirty Talk, Fetish, Leather, Uncut Cocks, Tattoo, ThreesomesStarring: Ace Hanson, Robert Balint, Trent Atkins, Rhett O'Hara, Casey Williams, Travis Reed, Randy Stone, Brad Rudolph, Alex Leon, Clay FoxeStudio: Studio 2000 I’ve got to start off by saying the cover photo for this title is bizarre. Err, second thoughts, bizarre isn’t the right word. Fucked-up is more like it. The coverstars are so airbrushed Hanson looks like a Billy Doll with mascara issues, whilst Balint comes across like a poster-boy from Home Depot’s Gay Pride Special. It's a lurid monstrosity even Pierre et Gilles would find distastefully over the top. But the cover is the only bad thing about this smoking extravaganza.Welcome to The Citadel, a Palm Springs guest house staffed entirely by oversexed gay men. Like Fawlty Towers then. We start with Hanson (his second feature after a successful start with Working Stiff) fantasizing about Balint, the barrel-chested Hungarian handyman/construction worker who wanders across the landscape that lacks any actual construction sites. He’s like those guys you see in bars, dressed in leather and carrying motor-cycle helmets. You know they got there on the subway.Hanson’s way too horny for his own good, so he calls fuckbuddy Atkins over. As soon as he gets through the patio door he’s stripped naked and on his knees giving Hanson a badly needed blow job that has him panting with pleasure. It’s not long before Atkins has impaled himself on Hanson’s flagpole and a vocal heavy scene of mega-hot proportions develops, as bottom and top powerfuck their way to amazing orgasm. And not a moment too soon: sweaty Hanson looks like he’s about to tear Atkins in two before succumbing to coronary failure. “That was hot,” Hanson rasps as he sees Atkins joyjuice, and up and down the country you can see the audience nodding their head in agreement!Elsewhere, cheeky Foxe helps fellow guest Leon carry his bags - straight to his own room. It’s conveniently filled with dildos of all shapes and sizes, but presumably has no clean towels. (I know what these gay guest-houses are like!) For his efforts, he receives the sort of tip we all want. Foxe is on all fours sucking Leon and a convenient dildo in turns (what is this thing called oral fixation?) before offering up his chicken-pie for Leon’s big fingers. I’m guessing Foxe is a dildo-salesman and these are his samples; he must be expecting a major order because there are thousands of them all over the room. (Or do Dildos breed as quickly as Tribbles?) “Pick your poison,” chirps Foxe and Leon starts with a set of anal-balls, then what looks like a turkey-baster on Foxe’s foxhole, getting the young guy gasping. Leon makes a fun Master, ordering his young stud to ride bigger and bigger toys before rubbering up and trying it out for himself. At this point it must be like waving a sausage in the Lincoln Tunnel, but power-bottom Foxe milks his stud lover’s cock dry, Leon letting off such a stream of whiz that Foxe’s back gets drenched.At the pool Reed stumbles across muscular co-worker Williams giving twinkish Rudolph some welcome oral attention. Aroused, Reed joins their party and both work on the simmering pup’s inches. Reed sneers with filthy pleasure as Rudolph chews his nipples before all three embark on an almost-indescribably complex rim-job-daisy-chain-on-lilos. Guess you’ll have to see this bit for yourself, and come up with your own adjectives, ‘coz I’m not paid enough to hassle myself that much. With the aquatic ass-eatings over (Reed was enjoying Rudolph’s tongue and finger combo just a little too much for his own good) they hit dry land. Blonde-haired, blue-eyed Williams fucks them both in another dirty-talk heavy bangscene that’ll make your eyes bulge bigger than Reed’s do. (Actually, this is quite funny to see - wonder if he was ever nicknamed Popeye?)Williams suggests they form a train as “I’m really high” - I think that’s what he says. High on what though? Anyway, they follow his Rudolph playing Piggy in the Middle, fucking Reed and taking Williams’ tool with piston-driven moves. The other tow can just stay still, as this guy will happily work them both! Williams is a mega-shooter, but Rudolph is even better, as the three cover a nearby statue with their offerings of spooge. Hey Rudolph: looks like your nose isn’t the only thing that’s red.Night falls and Stone is sent to check the outdoor sling. There he finds leather chapped and tattooed O’Hara, who handcuffs him, sticks a ball restraint in his mouth then spanks and paddles the holy crap out of him, in a very very vocal performance from the both of them. “I can’t quite hear you” shouts O’Hara as he fondles red-raw assflesh. So take his gag off, dumbo!Out comes the lash, before the now-dripping-in-sweat Stone is forced to swallow his master’s equipment. O’Hara looks a little too young and innocent to be capable of pulling this off, but he worked on a few MSR titles before, so I’m assuming that’s where he picked up his bad habits. O’Hara gets an allover tongue-worship session from his muscled slave, who is then bent over and receives a saliva-heavy rimjob. The potty-mouths go into overdrive as Stone is fucked roughly in a sling. Yes, Sir! The scorching athletic session is orgasm inducing, and you’ll pop the same time the two studs do, right over Stone’s thoroughly abused muscled frame.Manager Hanson comes into the office to see Reed rubbing what looks like Desitin onto poor Stone’s ass (“It was worth it,” Stone tells them), Hanson frantically trying to locate Balint. His staff is thoroughly aware that Hanson’s been making googly-eyes at the handyman all-day, and suggest he tries one of the hotel rooms. Turns out he’s in there naked, waiting in bed and sprouting an erection so large you could set your watch by it. Hanson doesn’t waste time claiming his long desired reward - the Eastern European’s foreskinned fuckstick - which he deepthroats with gleeful passion. Balint gives as good as he takes, and works his paramour’s cock till it glistens with saliva. Hanson then thrusts long, deep and hard into Balint’s tight muscular ass, both groaning and sweat-soaked as the rhythmic, multi-angled anal assault leads to mega-blast moneyshots that are definitely worth every penny. Enjoy!..Format: AVIDuration: 01:24:12Resolution: 352x240Size: 0.924 GB

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Year: 2001Country: USAGenre: Cum Shots, Safe Sex, Rimming, Threesome, Twinks, Hunks, Muscle Men, Anal / Oral SexLength: 1:28:13Directed by: Chi Chi LaRueStudio: All Worlds VideoStarring: Andel, Brad Benton, Drew Larson, Derik Thorn, Parker Williams, Evan Taylor, Jason Hawke, Tino Lopez, Devon Barry__Description:The Czech beauty that stole the hearts of many a blue blooded gay man is back! And he's better then ever. And this time he's getting not only a higher education in college, but a few stiff lesson's in good old 'America sex! The boys gather in the dorm room and are kicking back. BRAD BENTON gets the hots for our foreign exchange student and stays back with him after the guys leave. He goes down on Andel before giving up his love canal for Andel to stick his stiff, uncut Czech meat into. AW exclusive, TINO LOPEZ gets to work his thick, Latin cock in both of German studs; JASON HAWKES hungry holes and plugs them up good. Hot newcomer, DEVON BARRY gets his rocks off by way of his ass with DERIK THORN. Then in a patriotic fantasy, two handsome, mature men, PARKER WILLIAMS and EVAN TALOR are the NYC cop and fireman who throw a steamy all out sex scene. Then back at Andel's dorm room, he experiences the ultimate sexual pleasures as he flip-flops with DREW LARSON. All American, all Sex, and all hot!__Video quality: DVDRipVideo Format: AVIVideo Codec: XviDAudio: MP3Video: Xvid, 640x480 (4:3), 29.97fps, 998kbps, 0.108bits/pixelAudio: MPEG Audio Layer 3, 32000Hz, stereo, 96kbps

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Anywhere, Anytime !

Description: First we gave you the seashore and all its sunswept splendor. Then it was the clean air of the mountains. Now it's time for the warm, dry climate of the Mojave Desert. Jack Steele teams up with his friends to show you hot how the warmer climates can get.First, we introduced you to the seaside in all its beauty, warmed by the sun. Then - clean air of the mountains. Now is the time for the hot, dry climate of the Mojave Desert. Jack Steele join a team with your friends to show you how hot can the climate.Year: 1985Country: USAGenre: vintage, pre-condom, twinks, oral, anal, group sexLength: 1:31:44Directed by: Larry BroncoStudio: YMAC VideoStarring: Al Parker, Jack Steele, Kevin, Gino ColbertVideo Quality: VHSRipVideo Format: AVIVideo Codec: XviDAudio Codec: MP3Video: 640x480 (1.33:1), 29.970 fps, XviD MPEG-4 ~ 992 kbps avg, 0.11 bit / pixelAudio: 44.100 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~ 47.26 kbps avg

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Are You Going To Eat That

Year: 2009Country: USAGenre: Oral / Anal Sex, Freshmen,Amateurs, Glory Holes, Group Sex,Masturbation Some, Tattoos, ThreesomesLength: 1:50:42Directed by: Leo Greco, ViperStudio: PumpHouse MediaStarring: Elliot Cross, Andrew James,Conrad Stevens, Braden Scott, Adonis Pen, AJ,Amir Hassad, Trey Richards, Vincenzo Mazerati,Haven Johnson, Hunter Nash, Jason Phisher, Jon Paulson,Jaden Jackson, Christian Wright, Blake Harris, Felix West,Drake Corrigan, Dawson Denton, Ryan Phoenix,Neal Daly, Adian StormDescription: Eating cum never looked so disgusting! Hot men cum on everything from a moon pie to a mirror and lick it up. Over twenty five guys shoot their loads and lap up. Nearly two hours of cock sucking and cum swallowing, Pumphouse Media asks "Are you gong to eat that?" Pro cock sucker, Elliot Cross chokes down several cocks and loads in the first few scenes. Then he takes cum from four hot studs who shoot cum into shot glasses for Elliot to drink. Trey Richards gets his four friends to spew a wad of cum on his moon pie, then he eats it. Then three sexy twinks swap cum loads. Five guys suck dick and cream on a glass table top and lick it clean. Next trey Richards takes cum from four of his buddies in interesting ways. Then a three way takes place on a bed and they shoot their loads on each other cocks then suck the cum off.Video quality: DVDRipVideo Format: AVIVideo codec: DivXAudio Codec: MP3Video: DivX 5 720x404 29.97fps 1737KbpsAudio: Dolby AC3 48000Hz 4ch 192Kbps

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Bang It Out

Description: The men of Raw Fuck Club are back with their massive cocks bulging and eager holes twitching to get down to business. Always raw, never boring, these real men just wanna hook up, get nasty, and Bang It Out!
Format: Windows Media
Duration: 1:15:00
Video: 848x480, Windows Media Video V8
Audio: 62kbps

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[ayor studios]more tales 4 (dvdrip 2011)

Release Year:2011Studio:AYOR StudiosCast:THOMAS FIATY, VAL HORNER, CHESTER POOL, LUCKY TAYLOR, SHANE BARRETT, AXEL JONES, SAM BROOKS, IAN SAMSON, ASLAN BRUTTI, DAVID GOLD, CARL BAXTER Genres:Twinks, Oral/Anal Sex, Rimming, Big Cocks, Uncut CocksDescription:They have their hobbies, loves and dreams and enjoy their lives to the full. These are the guys you dream about. You see them just once and they change your life forever. Come and meet them. Here are still More of their Tales.Screenshot(s): Duration: 01:53:27VIDEO: 720x416 at 29.970 fps, MPEG-4 Visual@ XviD, 2339 KbpsAUDIO: 48.0 KHz, MPEG Audio@MP3, 2 ch, 177 Kbps

File size: 1.9 GB

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Bareback Bachelor Party

Rocky wastes no time and gets right down to business, pulling out Tony's perfect, fat cock out of his shorts and cramming every inch down his willing throat. Chocking along the way, Tony continues to skull fuck Rocky deep and hard, slapping his balls against his mouth until he decides it's time to prepare his ass to get fucked with his tongue. Cum join the party!Year: 2011Country: EuropeGenre: Anal Sex, Bareback, Compilation, Oral SexDuration: 3:02:00DVDRip

File size: 2.7 GB

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Bareback Play Pen ( apreder )

Release Year: 2011
Studio: Sebastian's Studios, Bareback Media
Cast: none available
Genres: All Sex, Amateur, Twinks, Fresh Men, Anal, Oral, Threesomes, Outdoor Sex, Rimming
Video language: English

These boys are ready to play and fuck around in a barebacking cumfest!
Format: Windows Media
Duration: 1:07:26
Video: 640x480, Windows Media Video V8
Audio: 62kbps

File size: 1.0 GB

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Blondes Do It Best 2

Release Year: 1995
Studio: Midnight Men Video
Cast: Jamie Hendrix, Dallas Taylor, Zack Thomas, Todd Knight, Tony Belmonte, Rod Lance, Derek Baldwin
Genres: Plot Based, Freshmen, Muscle Men, Anal, Oral, Rimming, Classic
Video language: English

Not nearly as atrociously dull (or misleading) as the third entry in this series is, but still pretty blah nonetheless. Not alot in the way of blondes here, but at least there are a few; some are even quite handsome and sport nice dicks. Oh yeah - they have sex, too. Not mind-boggling or even inspired sex, but sex it is. Oh, and most of the blondes here seem to be theNot nearly as atrociously dull (or misleading) as the third entry in this series is, but still pretty blah nonetheless. Not alot in the way of blondes here, but at least there are a few; some are even quite handsome and sport nice dicks. Oh yeah - they have sex, too. Not mind-boggling or even inspired sex, but sex it is. Oh, and most of the blondes here seem to be the real thing. Then again it's Hollywood, so who knows. real thing. Then again it's Hollywood, so who knows.
Format: avi
Duration: 1:13:45
Video: 640x480, XviD, 1498kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 883.2 MB

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