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This cute first timer recently turned 18, and wow, is she tall! With heels she's over 6 feet, and very leggy. Referred by another FTV girl, Sara, she wants to get into adult, and she's getting her feet wet with FTV. Wearing a blue dress & heels, she does her first nude shoot, notice her spunky personality. She has some nice full, firm breasts, and a very cute face. Once she's been sufficiently 'warmed up', we head out to a resort area and try some shooting on location. She's not shy about getting naked outdoors in a public place. Another stripdown ensues, with some nude play in a water fountain (108 degrees outside since it was shot in July). Back home, she gets to masturbate for the first time on video, using a vibrator -- and has a strong orgasm. Notice the strong vaginal contractions & response. Then its time for a breast & butt massage, watching her squeeze those firm breasts! To finish, she masturbates once more, using a blue vibrator, and has another intense orgasm with visible vaginal responses to it all. Enjoy her first time experience here, she's probably going to be pretty popular online by the time you see this.

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Nina - Destined for glamour (6 Videos)


One of the sexiest girls of xxx returns after 3 years, and looks just as hot as before... and more athletic as well! She loves showing off her sexy body in public, so we re-introduce her out at an office area, her flashing her goods and running completely naked on a very busy street! She flashes at the airport as well... Undressing for us and trying out several sexy outfits, we get to see her spunky personality while she talks about her personal life. She gets to masturbating in front of the mirror, while two angles record her using her fingers to a strong orgasm (with visible orgasmic contractions). She genuinely loves to masturbate, and the intensity of the pleasure she derives from it really shows. Revisiting her extreme, she deep fists herself from several sexy angles, so hot for such a petite and sexy girl! Later, out at a mall area, she gets frisky again, showing off that firm, perfect butt and walks around flashing in a very sexy dress & heels. Going to a restaurant, she isn't shy about flashing again, and then masturbates at the mall area with her fingers to another, even stronger orgasm! A second camera records the action from a distance, in a 'voyeur' style. Back home, she gives her body a nice breast, butt, and foot massage, then lets us see some extreme closeups of her private parts. Going kinky and extreme again, she takes two cucumbers, stuffs them deep (both go almost missing inside!) and then stuffs one deep anally, and one vaginally. Total double penetration! Showing us her naturally athletic form, she does yoga for us, slowly stripping down until its all done in the nude. As she likes it, she starts rubbing herself again, and has one final, strong orgasm. She looks so hot doing it, because you can see how much she enjoys the experience. Enjoy this xxx favorite on another total sexual adventure!
Lena - Natural Masturbator (7 Videos)

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Lena - She's Made for FTV (10 Videos)

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FTV - Thena - Colorado To La

A naturally cute girl from Colorado, she's breaking into the adult industry by trying out for FTV. Never even been naked on camera before, she's somewhat timid and shy on her first time. We meet her at a tourist area, watching this slim cute girl go shopping, in a casual jeans & t-shirt. We get her to flash her breasts, and then go home for a stripdown and first time nude shoot (she's quite flexible!). She then masturbates in the nude, using a vibrator she brought with her, and we get closeups of her very pretty private part and her favorite place -- her clit. She loves to dance, so she puts on a sexy black dress & heels, and dances for us, then does an even livlier dance in the nude. She looks really good naked, especially when she's in motion and excited. Its a very rainy day, stepping out in the balcony to look at the overcast day, gets naked and spreads and shows off her clit, as well as how she can tighten and move her vagina. As the sun comes back up, she puts on a cute summer dress and heads out to a park, flashing and giving us upskirt views... until an angry housewife takes note!

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Bringing Her Out (7 videos)

Alexis - FTV`S Firmest Pair | Full HD - 1080p

This 18 year old started her adult experience with Playboy, becoming one of their popular models with her innocent blonde teen looks, and of course, those perfect D cup natural breasts! This shoot has her first masturbation, public nudity and explicit experiences on video. We see her wake up in the morning, and realize how amazingly perfect and firm those huge breasts are! She brushes her teeth topless, then spreads her private parts on the counter, examining herself. Dressed up in a cute white dress & heels, she poses like a model through a busy sassy mall and reveals her breasts in some rather daring cases of public nudity! She's still very shy about it, but we love seeing as much as we can of FTV's firmest pair. No doubt, she gets fully naked for more nudes outside... Then more modeling in a yellow summer dress and pink heels, showing off those legs, then masturbating with the Eroscillator Toy. She ends up having her first orgasm on camera, with visible vaginal contractions. Much more of her to come in a few months...

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Alexis - FTV`S Firmest Pair (4 Videos)


For those Sci Fi fans, and especially Star Trek fans: She's the girl for you! Another Valentines' bonus, she is a die-hard Trekkie, she even has the outfit and earrings! We welcome her back, and she's sexy as ever, this time wearing form fitting jeans, and a top with out a bra... Undressing for us, she then masturbates to orgasm (she's a natural masturbator of course!) with visible vaginal contractions. Then out at a busy downtown parking area, she changes clothes, puts on a sexy red Star Trek uniform, no panties, heels only! Out on the busy street, catching confused peoples' attention, and flashing when she can. Back home, she poses with the Enterprise (while wearing sexy black stockings), then watches a Star Trek episode, and masturbates to another orgasm. Cute girl, and another bonus for you to fall in love with!

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Star Trek Fanatic (5 videos)

Mali Her Very First

Mali is having her very first experience in adult with FTV -- then moving to LA to do more adult work. So we see her in her 'fresh', untainted natural way, and bring out the wonderful personality she brings with her. She's super cute, younger looking than her age with a gifted toned and sexy figure thanks to her gymnastics experience when she was younger. After an interview, she does her very first strip tease shoot (from what she was wearing as she arrived from the airport). Then in a sexy short dress & heels, she teases us with upskirt views and breast play. She has nipple piercings, so she pulls on them, licks them and takes them out for the camera. Finding the Eroscillator toy, she masturbates to a very strong orgasm, with very strong and visible vaginal contractions. She tastes her wetness for the very first time... A full nude shoot, and she then experiments with some anal fingering. Wearing a cute white skirt, panties and top, she visits a 'teen room' and gives us some extreme closeups of her private parts, and her super cute clit. She also learns how to gape... Watch her massage her full breasts, and make them jiggle and bounce for us. Then using a string of beads, she stuffs them inside her vagina, then even tries it anally. We get to see the penetration and pull-outs up close. At a lunch break, she goes topless, then on a busy street shows off her acrobatics and cartwheels while having her breasts out! Stripping down at home, she teases herself with fingers, then does us a very sexy dance in the nude. Back to masturbating, she has another very strong orgasm with a vibrator on the bed, and with it the orgasmic contracion views. Now that she's wet inside, she uses 4 fingers to penetrate herself, then goes anal, and then double penetrates herself with multiple fingers! Keeping with the kinky theme, she then double penetrates herself with vibrators, and learns more about herself sexually. Enjoy this Total First Time girl, she's a supercute one who is destined to be very popular on the internet!
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Just Like a Teen (6 videos)


Now an FTV Girl (6 videos)


Brea is the kind of FTV girl all fans look forward to -- She's gorgeous, sexy, perfect breasts & butt, and willing to try anything! We first see her in a sexy dress & heels (notice how leggy she is!) and she exposes those perfect round naturals, squeezing them really hard! The panties eventually drop, and she shows off her butt, and this all happens at a fancy resort! The risk involved here is great... and makes it even riskier when she gets completely naked, walks around the hallways, shows off the perfect body, then masturbates! She uses a vibrator to orgasm, then gives us extreme closeup gaping views and closeups of her clitoris right there at the resort. Visiting another popular & beautiful resort, she is spotted by security, but he is actually friendly... she strips naked and puts on another cute outfit. Then off to a busy street, she plays in a water fountain, then walks completely naked once again! Finally back home, she starts stuffing fingers, and attempts to fist. She eventually manages to fist herself (oh my!) in the pink room. After a lunch break and a topless car ride, she puts on a very sexy 'bad girl' outfit with miniskirt & heels, and proceeds to a medical office center, and goes topless once again. Risking it further, she starts masturbating with a vibrator! This time we weren't as lucky and got found out, and had to leave in a hurry! Off to another medical office across the street, she enters the main hallway and strips down completely naked... then fingers herself, and uses a banana like a toy! Right there in the middle of the hallway! Before we get into trouble, we take off home to a comfy bed where she uses the vibraking toy. Watch her vagina up close as she reacts to the toy and has another orgasm. Then she decides to ride the bedpost just for the heck of it! Afterwards she gives a sexy breast & butt massage in her own unique way. What next? Try the biggest toy we have, the FTV Monster! Its bigger than her arm... and she gets it halfway in her. A truly adventurous shoot, going all out for this totally hot update. Oh yeah, she reminds us of the actress Milla Jovovich, don't you think?

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Loves it Public - 6 videoas

Loves it Public - 6 videos

Trying All of It - 7 videos

Sabrina-Little Brit

She's a busty, cute girl who just recently started her experience in adult, and has several first time experiences here on FTV. We see her walk down a neighborhood, flash her full breasts, then go home and use only her fingers to masturbate to a toe curling orgasm. Driving her car around on the busy streets, we watch her take down her summer dress, and drive topless... she loves every minute of it! She then goes home to finger tease herself some more, then give us a hard breast massage fest -- squeezing, pulling, pushing her breasts like we would if we could get our hands on them! On the comfy bed, she uses the eroscillator vibrator with visible vaginal responses, then spreads & gapes for us up close. Notice her rather large & swollen clitoris. Out on a jogging trail full of bikers and 'housewives', she runs topless and flashes her butt, then uses a long double ended dildo for some deep pounding on the balcony. Then its time to show off how she looks in a sexy black dress & heels, while dancing to her favorite music, leading to another finger masturbation to orgasm. She wanted see what her limits are, so she tries out the FTV Monster Toy, riding it as deep as she can go, then pounding herself with it... until she's pretty sore! Its the biggest she's ever had inside her. Then wanting to go for even more extreme, she practices fisting until she full-fists, and goes until she can't take it anymore. After all that, she gapes herself so you can see deep inside!
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Alaina & Aurielee

Hulahoop girl Aurielee has a best friend, Alaina who has been living with her for a few months... This 19 year old is supercute, with full breasts and a very sexual tone about her. Together they've been friends since high school, and now starting to experiment with each other. Alaina is the more bisexual type, and Aurielee is willing to follow. We're introduced to Alaina at an ice cream store (Aurielee had her first time shoot a few months ago) and we get to know a little more about their friendship... then they start making out and flashing in this public place! Back home Aurielee directs & videotapes Alaina stripping down, then offers her a vibrator to masturbate with. Eventually the Eroscillator shows up, and Alaina has a nice strong orgasm, with visible vaginal contractions. Aurielee decides to spread Alaina's very pretty private parts, finger her and taste the wetness inside. Getting kinkier, Alaina uses two vibrators to double penetrate Aurielee, then fires them up with the combination of her fingers to bring Aurielee to orgasm. That is triple stimulation right there! Dressing up in lingerie for each other, they massage and kiss each others' feet, then play with each others' breasts, doing hard breast massages and nipple biting/sucking. Aurielee tries massaging Alaina's full breasts with her feet... After a pillow fight, they go oral on each other, with extreme closeups of them connecting with the clit, and Alaina is definitely good at oral -- she ends up bringing Aurielee to another orgasm! Finding a very large & long double ended toy, they mutually penetrate each other, going deeper over time. Its the largest toy they've ever experienced! Real life friends for years, now real life lovers as well, these two roomates have that connection and bond that we all enjoy for a special girl-girl on FTV
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