Frida And Ennie - Sexy Smoochers HD 720p


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Frida And Ennie - Sexy Smoochers HD 720p

Date: 16 Apr 2013
Models: Frida, Ennie
Categories: Girl/Girl, Kissing, Fingering, Licking
Location: Bedroom, Indoors

Frida (yellow bra and panties) and Ennie (pink nightie) start kissing passionately on the bed. Ennie removes Frida's bra, and she licks and sucks her nipples. Then Frida removes Ennie's top and rubs nipples with her before sucking her nipples. The girls kiss again, and then they get completely naked. Frida masturbates Ennie while kissing her, and then she finger fucks Ennie while stroking her clitoris. Then Ennie sits on Frida's face, and she rides Frida's mouth until she comes. The girls do more passionate kissing, and then Ennie fingers and licks Frida to orgasm. Then the girls kiss again.

Duration: 15:15