FrenchDudes - Matt Surfer & Neo Connor

FrenchDudes - Matt Surfer & Neo Connor

Neo Connor saw Matt Surfer on French Dudes and contacted us to see if Matt would agree to shoot a scene with him. This video serves as the answer.

Neo is excited to say the least when he finally gets the chance to meet Matt in person. Matt didn't want to disappoint a fan and already had his dick out getting it hard. Neo couldn't help himself when walking into the room and seeing Matt sitting there half naked and rushed over to start sucking on his cock.

Watching this scene, you can actually feel the excitement building between these two men. Off come Neo's pants and Matt pulls him across his lap and starts to finger his nice white ass. Neo doesn't have a thick cock like Matt, but it's long and Matt gags a little while sucking Neo. Then it's time to get down and dirty as Neo gets up on all 4's and Matt fucks him doggy style on the couch.

The cameraman gives us a great shot from behind them and we can see how tight Neo's nuts are drawn up with his hard cock rocking back and forth. Switching up positions, Matt rolls Neo over onto his back and fucks him missionary style and does a little pile driving. The harder and faster Matt goes, the faster Neo tugs at his cock.

Back up on his knees with Matt fucking him from behind, Neo can't hold back any more and blows his load all over the couch and pillow. Matt brings the scene to a close with one of his signature loads that splatters everything within 3ft.

Format: mp4
Duration: 13:32
Video: 960x540, AVC (H.264), 1989kbps
Audio: 239kbps

File size: 221.8 MB

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