FrenchDudes - Leo Helios & Rod Malek

FrenchDudes - Leo Helios & Rod Malek

Having slipped away, we find Rod Malek standing in a quiet corner out of view and meets up with Leo Helios. Rod is a little hesitant being he doesn't want to get discovered but Leo has a way of getting things started. While kissing, Rod starts playing with Leo's cock and has no problem getting it hard. Rod then kneels down to suck on Leo's beautiful uncut cock and lick his balls.

After some face fucking, the two of them throw caution to the wind and Rod drops his jeans while Leo slips on a condom. Just as Leo is about to start fucking Rod's sweet ass, they almost get caught as one of the other men comes looking them.

Once the man leaves, it's back to business... "digging for treasure" and a good thing they waited. Listen how loud these two get as Leo bangs Rods' ass. Leo finishes by unloading a thick creamy load while standing over Rod and then kneels down kissing Rod's neck while he finishes himself off and almost get caught in the final act.

Format: mp4
Duration: 17:49
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