Folsom Series

Folsom Series

Description: Met this top Sunday during the fair, we groped each other for awhile and it was clear there was mutual attraction. I wanted his load right there on the street. Jason lived up in the Haight, so we went back to his place. It was hot as hell that day, especially for the City, so we got all sweaty and I got loaded up and cum fucked good.
Rubbed up against this stud at the Folsom Street Fair. I grabbed his crotch, just feeling how big his cock was made me start leaking precum. I took him back to my hotel and I was turned on even more by what flopped out of his jeans. There was no turning back, he flipped me around and mercilessly, stuck it all in at once, the entire hotel must have heard me scream, then his precum started flowing.
Scene 3, I met this cute boy named Kyle. We had an instant connection, well he had an instant connection with my cock. Damn this boy loved to work on my cock. We moved from there to my eating out his sweet hole.
Met this local boy, dont know his name. He had this huge mop of blond hair. Dude was a total little whore. He was already full of cum when I got him. Eating his ass, I could taste loads of cum. Then I fucked him hard and added my own load to the collection.
Found this stud wandering around at the festival, I was instantly turned on. Loved his body and all tats. I just had to have his hot cock up my ass. He loved cumming up my ass and eating it back out.

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