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Ashden Wells - Fully Loaded
Released: September 2, 2013

Ashdeen came to us to answer a wanted add we posted. She wanted to make good money quickly and have fun doing it. Ashdeen wanted some cash that didnu2019t involve a lot of hassle and unnecessary work. She figured fucking one time would be better then stripping multiple times in one day. Ashdeen was probably right, but we were just glad to have her hot body in our office. She was ready to get into the porn industry with both legs in the air and a big smile. We went over the legal routine and made sure she had everything in order. After the paper work was done, Ashdeen was interested in her pay. We wanted to see more before we decided on the amount. She had to do it on camera and figure out if she was really down. Ashdeen was hesitant at first, but ounce the ice was broken, she went all-in. She showed off her big ass which had the right amount of jiggle. Her body was just what we needed in the industry along with her get it done attitude. She loved getting fucked for cash, but I donu2019t think she was ready for the amount of cum Tony left on her face.

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Movie Content: Blonde, Cumshot, Hardcore, Oral
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