Filip and Petr

Filip and Petr

Filip Pendrak is a newcomer who did a wonderful solo shoot. We were keen to try him out in duos, so paired him with Petr Kluk for this screentest. He certainly seems up for it, as his cock seem to be hard right from the outset, as we can see through his underwear. After being interviewed by Petr Filip leans over and starts kissing him. As they kiss Petr is rubbing a hand on Filip's thigh and then moves down to kiss his chest. That cock seems to be getting even hard in Filips undies, and Petr quickly pulls the underwear down to bring it into view. His head dips down and he begins to lick at that rock hard cock and then his mouth engulfs it as he begins to suck. Petr's own cock seems to be hard too as his mouth works over Filips. He really does a great job sucking it, and then pulls Filips underwear off completely, so we get a better view. He returns to his sucking and frees his own cock so he can wank himself at the same time. Then it is Filip's turn to suck cock, for the first time. He pulls Petr's underwear off and gets to work on that cock. He does it with some gusto, really going down on it well, and wanking it as well. Then he kisses Petr again and they move to a 69. Filip's mouth works well on Filips big, hard cock. For a novice he is doing very well indeed. Petr wants to go to the next stage and moves Filip onto his knees, with his ass exposed. With the hole exposed Petr rims it, his tongue licking into the crack on onto the pucker. Filip takes that very well so it is time to go further. Petr has Filip on his side and slides his throbbing cock into that tight hole. Filip certainly feels it as his ass takes its first cock, but he keeps with it and that dick goes in all the way. Then Petr starts his fucking and with some deep breaths Filip soon gets used to it. He takes it well and moves into a new position so that he can ride his ass up and down on that cock. As he rides on that cock Filip's dick is rock hard and Petr wanks it. He has quickly got used to beign fucked and changes position again, into missionary. Petr's cock really opens taht hole well, fucking nice and hard. Filip wanks himself hard and fast as he gets fucked and soon shoots a massive load while Petr's dick is deep inside him. Petr nees to cum as well and positions himself to shoot over Filip's face. Filip opens his mouth, wanting to catch as much of the cum in his mouth as he can. Then he sucks on that cock to drain it completely. What a great screentest, Filip certainly proved himself a very good debutant, passing his test very well.

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