Exploited College Girls – Scarlett


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Exploited College Girls – Scarlett

Duration : 00:48:52
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Scarlett – Anal
Released: June 6, 2013
Southern belle Scarlett is back for my favorite summer sequel so far, Scarlett 2: Anal Sex in the Butt. Surely you remember this lovely southern girl from such porno websites as THIS ONE, where just a few months ago she revealed that in addition to being a proper southern lady (jokes!) she was also a nearly insatiable nympho when the cameras started rolling. She’s back and better than ever when she shows up prepared to get her ass pounded. There are two things about Scarlett that really made her and her first shoot a whole lot of fun: her crazy BJ skills and her endless enthusiasm. Well, don’t worry, she brought both of those with her for this return trip. The BJ skills are on display barely 2 minutes into this update when she cuts off the small talk to enthusiastically suck my cock in the car. In fact, her skills are so elite that after a few minutes of her jacking me and sucking that I have to blow my load in her mouth. So, that was unexpected. But Scarlett rolls with it and wipes my jizz from her big southern smile without missing a beat. We arrive at the location and get right to the business at hand: working that ass. Before the full on ass pounding that Scarlett gets, she spends a lot of time relaxing her ass and getting ready for the main event. The entire build up is pretty hot, she works her backdoor with a big pink dildo and then lets me take control. There are some great shots here, close ups of her fine little ass stuffed with a huge dildo and her pussy pulsating as she tries to relax into it. After letting her get ready at her own pace, it’s showtime. I get Scarlett to her knees to work my cock to full hardness. Work it she does, her technique is amazing and in no time I’m ready to go again. She hops up on the bed and works her clit solo while I get ready. And then, boom, it’s on. Dick in butt action. She feels AMAZING and her enthusiasm is hot as hell. She’s 98 lbs soaking wet and manages to take my cock in her ass all the way to my balls. Eventually I flip her over and get back to it. Adding a vibrator to her clit turns out to be just what she needs and I end up giving her her very first anal orgasm. After a couple of different angles and some serious asshole gaping from Scarlett, she’s begging for me to cum. I can’t refuse a pretty girl making such a reasonable request and after I get a few more pumps in her ass, I sit her down and blow my second load across her face in a spectacular cumshot, which she licks right up. This girl is really a dynamo in bed, she’s down for anything and brings this great energy to the camera. You can see why I demand that a girl does anal for a return shoot, Scarlett is an anal queen in the making, I’m sure of it. I’m really glad I had her back, as I’m sure you guys are. Her huge smile, boundless sexual appetite and attitude are fantastic and that results in a really excellent shoot.