Exploited College Girls - Rya


Rya - Pregnant Rya
Released: September 5, 2013

This week’s update is an ECG first: our college girl is 6 months pregnant and just starting to show. For fans of pregnant women, this update is a wish granted. From her slightly rounded belly to her full, perky tits to her creampie cravings, this week is something different. As we get started with our interview, Rya reveals a few interesting facts. First, obviously, that she’s pregnant. Next up she explains that she didn’t lose her virginity until the age of 18. Seeing that she’s 19 now, and six months pregnant, now I’m no math expert as you can surely gather from my career choice but that seems like some suspicious timing. At one point Rya explains that she was an honor student in high school, which seems weird since she obviously flunked sex ed. Anywho, this is a win-win. She’s pregnant, she wants to fuck and there’s neither a DNA test or child support court in my future, so game on. Rya hasn’t had an orgasm in quite a while, so I get her positioned on the bed and after some more chit chat I get her naked and spread on the bed. When I go to work with the vibrator and my fingers, we solve the O problem pretty quickly. Rya has two in quick succession. After satisfying her, I strip to test out her BJ skills. Since she’s preggo it takes a little adjustment to get in a good position for some good oral. Unfortunately there will not be any face fucking today, Rya is a little shy and reserved and she’s not going to take well to having my cock pumped into her throat. She gives it a good effort, but honestly, I can see how she got pregnant. Her oral skills just make a guy want to bury it in her pussy. Careful to arrange Rya in positions that work with her condition, I finally get a chance to fuck her tight, swollen preggo pussy. It’s everything I hoped for, really. Fucking her is a slightly different experience than anything I’ve ever done, it’s hard to describe and I encourage everyone to try it, if you get the chance. She’s just as into it as I am and between riding me and getting nailed in doggy, she has two more huge, loud orgasms which are really hot. I end up pumping a load into her and give her a huge, dripping creampie. Rya isn’t the typical ECG girl who gets pounded into the bed, pinned down, fish hooked and facialized but she’s something even better. One of those things you just have to cross off the bucket list: fucking a horned up, hormonal pregnant chick with a tight, swollen puss and big milky titties. So, enjoy. I sure did.

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