Elliot & Harley

Elliot & Harley

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Harley, our resident parkour expert, is extremely athletic and gymnastic - not just out in the park, but in bed as well, as Elliot finds out!
Harley and Elliot make out. Harley removes Elliot's shirt and kisses his pecs and nipples, then moves down to kiss his abs. Elliot kisses Harley's neck then they tongue each other deeply. Both guy's hands go to each other's crotch, unbuckling their belts and feeling the bulges there. Elliot drops his jeans and Harley reaches inside, drawing out Elliot's rock hard cock. Elliot unzips his Harley's fly and pulls out Harley's hard-on. The two guys rub their cocks together as they continue to make out. Harley lays on his back, and pulls Elliot on top of him. Harley's hands reach under Elliot's cotton boxers, playing with the crack of Elliot's ass. Elliot grinds his crotch into Harley below him, until Elliot finally pulls off his boxers. Elliot straddle Harley's chest and feeds Harley his dick. Elliot pumps his cock into Harley's mouth, and Harley swallows it. Harley strokes it and licks his balls and then returns to sucking it. Elliot turns Harley over onto his stomach, climbing back on top of him. He teases his cock against and between Harley's ass while kissing the back of Harley's neck. Harley arches his head and neck up to kiss him. Elliot reaches for the lube and oils up his hard cock. Harley spreads his ass. Elliot pushes his dick into Harley's tight asshole, going in slowly. Elliot sinks his cock into Harley's ass. Elliot plows him, his balls bouncing against Harley's tight butt. Elliot watches himself in the wall mirror as he nails his buddy. Elliot rolls Harley on his side, and continues to fuck him. Harley jerks his cock with Elliot's dick deep inside him. Elliot holds one of Harley's legs up and drives his cock all the way inside Harley. Elliot withdraws his dick, and moves to suck Harley's dick. They switch to a 69 position, with Elliot sucking Harley, while Harley fingers Elliot's asshole. Harley licks and tease Elliot's ass with his tongue getting it ready for his turn to fuck it. Watching themselves in the large wall mirror, Elliot sits down on Harley's hard dick, and watches it drill up into his ass. Elliot strokes his cock as Harley eases into him, and once inside, Elliot rides Harley's shaft up and down. The two guys look at each other and then their reflections in the wall mirror. Elliot turns to kiss Harley behind him, and Harley reaches around and strokes Elliot's cock. Elliot lays on the bed with a pillow beneath his ass, and Harley moves between his legs. Harley slides back into Elliot's ass. Elliot strokes his own dick. Harley keeps pumping until Elliot blows a nice load onto his abs. Harley pumps harder until he cums, spraying even more cum on Elliot's abs

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