Drew ’10 inches’ Brody fucks Ben Collins!

Drew ’10 inches’ Brody fucks Ben Collins!

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Beefy rugby lad Drew Brody has the biggest and thickest cock I have ever seen. Its a massive ten inches, uncut, and wrist thick. Many of you have been asking for more of him, but the problem is finding a lad who can properly take it… But new defined hottie Ben Collins was more than up for it, and all I can say is… Be prepared for a spunk inducingly spectacular scene. You will def want to keep this one forever.

The lads start off in adidas sports kit. Their cocks are already stiff with excitement, and clearly straining inside their shiny shorts. Although Ben is bottom in this scene, his cock is pretty huge too. They kiss passionately and pull each others tops off. Ben starts to lick and suck Drew nipples, gripping his massive bulge as he does so. Drew does the same thing to Ben, who is also rock hard.

They kiss, and release each others throbbing cocks from their shorts. Bens cock is big and thick, but looks quite average sized next to Drews huge monster meat.. This is one of those dicks that has to be seen to be believed. Ben loves the challenge of a huge cock, but has never had one this big before. He opens wide, and slowly takes Drews meat into his mouth, slowly going down on it, taking as much of it down as he can manage. He does very well, and manages to get about three quarters of it down his throat.

He sucks slowly, and jerks Drew off, then Drew wanks himself onto Bens tonguge, before pushing his cock back into his mouth. Drew grips his head firmly and fucks his mouth, pushing it as far down as Ben can manage. Its very intense and extremely horny.

Ben stands up, and they kiss again, and Drew pulls downs Bens shorts, releasing his big thick uncut cock. Drew sits on the edge of the sofa to suck Ben, with his legs wide apart, his thick meat semi hard and hanging halfway down between his legs. He has huge low hanging balls too. Drew is an excellent sucked, and manages to deepthraot the Bens entire eight inches, right down to his balls. He gets Bens cock nice and wet, swallowing the whole thing over and over. Awesome sucking.

They move to the sofa now, Drew leans back, holding his fat dick up, while Ben lays on his side next to him, and takes the monster dick back into him mouth. He sucks well, struggling to get as much of down, having to open his mouth as wide as he can. You have never seen girth like this. Then Drew grips Bens head and fucks his mouth and throat, forcing his dick as deep as it will go.

Ben is on all fours now, his smooth arse up in the air. Drew kneels, facing his butt, and pulls Bens throbbing dick down between his legs. He licks the end, then takes it in his mouth and sucks it, then licks the shaft all the way up to his balls, and then begins to lick his hole, with big long licks, getting it really wet. He spits into it, pulls his cheeks apart, and pushed his tongue right in.

Ben stays on all fours, and Drew kneels behind him and gently pushes his huge thick meat into Bens hole. He goes about halfway in at first, real slow. Ben breathes deep and heavy, trying to get used to it.. Drew pulls out a little and then pushes his dick all the way in and holds it there, making Ben moan. He starts to fuck him slowly, showing plenty of length. So hot. He pulls Bens cheeks apart and leans his body back, and starts to fuck harder now. Ben starts to make alot of noise. Drew builds up till the fucking is very intense, until Ben cant take any more.

Next, Ben leans back against the corner of the sofa holding his cock up, and Drew lowers himself onto it, going about halfway down the girthy fuck pole. He slides himself up and down on it, then goes right down, taking it all. Drew lifts him up and pulls his cheeks apart, so you can really see it stretching his hole, and he starts to thrust in and out, showing plenty of length. As before, its slower at first, but builds up pretty quickly to seriously intense fucking.

For the last position, Ben lays on his back, and Drew pushes his cock back in and starts thursting. Both lads have throbbing dicks now. Drew holds Bens legs apart, and he varies the positions, giving us loads of awesome shots and eye watering close ups of his huge meat thrusting in and out of Bens smooth pale arse. He builds up, and Ben starts to jerk himself off. It doesnt take long, and he is spunking hard and heavy over his abs. Drew pulls out and then wanks over Ben, over his chest, till he pumps out very thick and very white creamy spunk, lots of it.. he keeps squeezing it out, then rubs the jizz around with the end of his dick.

An unbelievably horny scene that will have you spunking over and over.

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