Dirty Little Schoolgirl Stories


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Scene 1. Gracie Glam

Alright so we open with Gracie who is indeed decked out in her schoolgirl finest-- blue seems the dominant color here and hello cute face, black hair, nice eyes and yep her mouth seems big enough to fit a cock! Christian's here too helping Gracie go over a recent piece of schoolwork she did, a test?, and seems Gracie didn't do so good so now the big man's here to help straighten her out! Well Christian wants to help, Gracie's worried about how she'll do when it's the bit test. Our guy's got a solution and once he starts kissing and fondling over her sweater we see Gracie open up real quick to this form of educational instruction. She fishes out his cock and we get some fine head here, side view used well. The top is opened up enough so her tits can fall out and we even get some dirty talk from Gracie here. Real nice open/ up close shot then on her pussy with Christian working in some good licking, give the lady some pleasure before pounding that cookie. The lighting here was spot on, not to bright for me and the focus on Gracie's body as she rode in the various positions was perfect as were her repeated P2M sucks. Christian delivers a solid load to her mouth/ face before we're done. Not sure how Gracie will do on the big test but she passed this study session with flying colors.

Scene 2. Katie Kayne

Ok next scene begins and seems Katie's trying to download a French Paper that's due the next day and the computer is being uncooperative. As with Gracie in the scene before blue is the color of choice so far as her outfit goes, with a white shirt of course. Ralph offers to let Katie use the computer upstairs to download the paper, he's goes to see if it can be done leaving Katie alone. She immediately goes to rubbing between her thighs, nice white cotton panties which are given the closeup they deserve. Ahh I see now, she's surfing porn on the net so perhaps the paper was downloading fine, she just need Ralph out to rub out a quickie!! Needless to say Ralph comes back and finds her doing the deed. Katie's so turned on she keeps Ralph here instead of letting him go back up to finish that paper download. We get some good pussy licking then a good shot of Katie freeing his dick and hovering over as she engulfs it. The sex was fairly standard but I do love her skin tone and the picture captures it well as they hit the various positions and she does P2M. The pop is right on those freshly fucked pussy lips, already wet, made more wet with man spunk.

Scene 3. Ella Marie

On we go and this one begins with Christian channel surfing. He gets a visitor in Ella who comes in and has a seat. We've switched from blue to red as the dominant color and the hair color too has shifted from the dark black/ brown of the first two ladies to Ella's blonde locks. Ella discovers a sex toy on the floor and inquires about it, lol. Ella's curious so Christian fills her in, in more ways than one it turns out!! Ella's a quick study and soon has that toy tickling her pussy lips as an interested Christian looks on. We move from that to Ella's face right over and engulfing his cock, the ground shot here was good. Christian also stands up for the more traditional bj shot and so far Ella's kept on her outfit for the most part, losing only the red sweater so far, wish her top would get opened up so we could see the titties. Christian then goes down for a little pussy party, licking first and then using his cock to part the ways. The top is opened so the tits can get touched and she's got a nice pair. Towards the end we have Ella down to her red checkered skirt with matching hair piece, everything else is gone. Usual sex shots, cowgirl was good and we see P2M too from Miss Marie who ends up taking the load mostly on her tongue letting it drip down the chin. Cute girl, I'm sure we'll see her again in the teen flicks.

Scene 4. Cheyenne Cooper

Ok next scene and we are staying with red as the color. Cheyenne looks very nice as she heads up to a large pair of wooden doors-- wood being the optimum word too as seeing her in this outfit will no doubt get plenty of wood going all over. As the door opens Cheyenne walks in and she's pissed. We see a test in her hand and it's thrust towards J Mac with a huge F on it, he's got some splaining to do and Cheyenne drags him into the living room by the shirt, oh no!Her first F, how will the parents take this. Well J Mac's got an idea of how to solve the problem, it's fucking Cheyenne. She's receptive to this course of action but it won't get him out of the trouble caused by her bad grade. At least, though, we'll get some hot sex which begins with J going down, opening those pretty legs and licking her pussy. Great views up close and the legs are opened up to camera perfectly. After a few good moans, some fingering we have J standing and the cock's fished out and Cheyenne envelops him. Awesome view here looking down on the young lady completely still in her schoolgirl outfit so you have that dynamic working plus it just feels great having your dick sucked-- right!! Cheyenne then works the shirt, tie and sweater down but not all the way off. The panties are gone too as she hops on for a ride in reverse, even some dirty talk here from Cheyenne-- she's pissed still, you know with the F and all! Gorgeous shot right on her tan ass for cowgirl, there's P2M too and we end with a few shots over Cheyenne's open mouth, cleanup and now mister get ready to face the music with the parents!

Scene 5. Dee Roze

The finale opens with the sound of a shower running as Dee pokes her head in. We have a return to blue as the color and she's a blonde. Dee looks around and sees no one so she enters. Makes sure he's in the shower before sitting down at his computer, a few clicks and she's surfing porn! Ok Christian comes out and gets all miffed she broke into his house and ok she wasn't surfing for porn but was instead trying to change her grade, damn these porn girls are such bad students-- wouldn've have something to do with the fact they aren't going to class and getting fucked all the time, nope couldn't be that. Christian is ready to go to the dean, she's in big trouble trying to change her grade but Dee has other ideas and keeps telling Christian she's not getting in trouble and in fact her grade will change from her current F to an A ++!! Now how will she do that, why a hand on Christian's towel, gripping at his cock should indicate her strategy! The towel's dropped and Christian sure doesn't put up much of a fight, these teachers are so fucking easy. They'll let any hot young girl suck their cock to change a grade. Dee seems very much at home down there working over Christian's dick and whoah what a set of titties. Wouldn't have known it judging from the shirt she was wearing but those were some fine boobies revealed. Christian bypasses the tits, though, to head down for a sample of the pussy and once more we're treated to a great open camera shot as Christian licks away. Sexwise mish/ spoon do great jobs of showing off the boobs which dance beautifully in time with the thrusts. She does P2M before we close strong with cowgirl and yes reverse where those boobs really get a chance to shine. No surprise when our man decides to decorate those titties with his spunk. I definitely want more with Dee, she had a nice attitude here before the fucking and there's no denying she's got the body for porn.


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