Diego, Andres & Felipe

Diego, Andres & Felipe

Diego sits shirtless in the sultry park, casting his line into the fishing pond. Andres and Felipe wander by and catch sight of Diego as he pulls a fish out of the water. The boy’s shyness quickly vanishes in awe of Diego’s catch and they walk over for a closer look. Eager for a fishing lesson, Felipe takes Diego’s rod and let’s Diego instruct him, but the two can’t keep their hands off each other, with Andres encouraging them. Diego kisses them both, then lets them take turns on his engorged and uncut pole. And a massive cock it is! You can just feel the thickness and heat as they take turns going down on Diego. Pretty soon, Diego’s cock is plunging into Andres and, within minutes, Andres pops his load. Before Felipe can get up from cleaning up Andres’ cum, Diego has him bent over, holding him in place while shoving his massive meat inside the tight twink hole. Andres helps his friend out by sucking Felipe’s dick in rhythm to Diego pounding away on the other side. Eventually, Diego fucks faster then Andres can suck. Diego flips Felipe onto his back and continues wearing out Felipe’s hole. But Felipe doesn’t mind. In fact, he seems to be in a paralysis of pleasure as all he can do is moan with delight! Diego pulls out all the way out, showing off Felipe’s gaping, spasming hole. Diego stands Felipe back up and lets him slam back onto him while Andres resumes his job milking Felipe’s cock. Felipe gushes his seed into Andres waiting mouth then Diego fires off a huge load all over Felipe’s face, lips, and tongue. Guess that’s why it’s good thing to pair up true cock whores and cum feeders.

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Duration: 42:14
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