Denisa Heaven – Turning Point


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Denisa Heaven - Sex Art​
A young couple — obviously and abundantly in the throes of a new romance — cavort at the seaside. Their attraction to each other is readily apparent and as obvious to onlookers as those onlookers are invisible to the couple. They only have eyes for one another and they’re intoxicated with the opportunity to share these playful moments. The intensity increases as they kiss and caress in an elevator. Even as the elevator door opens and closes repeatedly they’re transported by love, unaware that they’ve arrived at their destination. But once they’re in the apartment, alone, in private, their love-play becomes more and more intense. For these lovers — portrayed by Denisa Heaven and Franck Franco — the joy and laughter of the beach is replaced by the deep breathing and pounding hearts of naked desire. Now hunger takes over. Love mixes with lust. Shyness disappears and inhibitions evaporate in an instant. When sweet romance gives way to raw, animal passion, you know you’ve reached the “Turning Point.”​