Dayton O'Connor & Nathan Eugene

Dayton O'Connor & Nathan Eugene

Dayton O' Connor is horny and online looking for somebody to play with. As he clicks through the profiles, his dick is getting hard, so he strips down and whips out his hard-on. He finally arranges a hookup and answers the door naked when sexy southern stud Nathan Eugene comes knocking. As soon as Nathan's inside the house, they start making out by the front door. Dayton leads him into the bedroom and throws him on the bed, where they really get into some spit swapping. Nathan sits up and deep throats Dayton's cock, occasionally stopping to suck face again. Dayton tears Nathan's clothes off before sucking his hairy cock down to the ginger bush. He climbs on top and begins dry humping, rubbing their pink cocks together and planting the tip of his dick right at Nathan's pick pucker. Nathan flips over and shoves his ass in the air so Dayton can spit on his hole and dive his tongue deep into the sphincter. Dayton glides his cock into the hairy butthole, making Nathan moan with pain and pleasure. Dayton reaches around and embraces Nathan's hairy chest while still probing deeply into his internal organs. Flipping onto his back, Nathan enjoys more deep kissing while his guts are being obliterated by Dayton's stiff cock. Dayton pulls out and shoves his dick into Nathan's face, painting his tongue and chin with a river of translucent seed. Clutched in Dayton's arms, Nathan explodes his own stream of jizz onto his hairy abs. The two of them lay panting, exhausted, and happy.

Format: mp4
Duration: 17:50
Video: 960x540, VP6F, 1800kbps
Audio: 96kbps

File size: 242.1 MB

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