David Skabeta & David Smetak

David Skabeta & David Smetak

We brought two Davids in for a Raunchy scene. David Smetak takes the bottom role and David Skabeta is the top. We find David Sm laying on a platform that is hanging by chain. He is shackled, blindfolded and gagged. His cock is also tie to the chains. The platform sways as David Sm struggles with the shackles. David Sk comes in, dressed just in a jockstrap. He starts to torment his captive, pulling at his cock and slapping his body. Undoing the ties around David Sm's cock the other David starts to play with it, getting it hard and then he begins to suck on it. That big fat cock is real hard as it is sucked. He also bites on that big cock and slaps the balls too making David Sm moan and squirm. David Sk's dick is rock hard too and he removes the jockstrap and tries to push the dick into David Sm's mouth. To get it in he has to remove the gag, and then it slides in very well. He forces David Sm to suck it and then climbs over him to really fuck his face. That dick slams into David's mouth. Then David Sm's legs are removed from the restraints and then shackled again, this time high in the air, showing off his hot ass hole. David Sk starts working on that ass, using his whip on it and then starting to finger the hole. Two fingers work into the tight hole, fucking in and out as the recipient moans. When that hole is lubed and loosed enough David climbs up and really slams his big hard cock deep inside. He pounds away at that hot fuckhole working it real well. David Sm is then moved so he is bent over and taking more of that big hard cock deep in his ass. David Sk really knows how to fuck and keeps up his awesome pounding. Having given that hole a real good workout David Sk decides he wants some cum. So he positions himself under David Sm and wanks on his cock until he shoots his cum all over that face. David Sk loves that and his mouth reaches for the spent cock to clean it all off.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 28:34
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Audio: 125kbps

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