Dave & Blair

Dave & Blair

Dave is back for his second shoot, and not only is it his first blowjob off a guy ever but I decided to throw him in the deep end and made him blow Blair. For us the idea of blowing Blair is a treat, but for a straight dude it was a difficult task. I found it funny how he quickly adopted a technique that lessoned how far Blair could get his cock down his throat, by forcing his cock into the side of his mouth. Dave's body is nothing short of amazing he makes most guys half his age look out of shape. I know Blair's body language varies depending on the level of his "co-star's" body, in this case he was very eager... I can tell Blair enjoyed being the first guy to suck on Dave's big cut cock, I certainly don't think it's a passion for Blair, but he's definitely developed a certain appreciation for a decent cock.

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