Daniel and Cecil

Daniel and Cecil

Daniel Sebesta has Cecil Stok caged, chained and blindfolded, in the dungeon. Cecil is crying out, wanting someone to help him, but the only person around is Daniel. He stands by, watching his prisoner and drinking beer. Moving over to Cecil Daniel drinks some beer and spits some over Cecil, who asks what he wants. Then he starts to feel Cecil's body, slapping his face and reaching down to feel his cock. He pulls the cock out of the leg of Cecil's shorts and then opens them to fully release it. He wanks on that hooded cock, getting it nice and hard and then bends forwards to take it in his mouth. Daniel sucks hard on Cecil's meaty cock and plays with his balls. The Daniel gets naked, his own cock massively hard and throbbing. He climbs into the cage and pushes his dick into Cecil's mouth for sucking. Cecil does a good job at making that cock feel good. As a reward Daniel releases him from his chains, but still has more planned. He turns Cecil and bends him over. Then with Cecil's ass available Daniel shoves his dick deep inside. He fucks Cecils hot little ass hard and fast, taking it for his pleasure. Cecils moans and whimpers as he feels that meat deep inside him and fucking him. Daniel keeps going, stretching that hole as wide as he can. Cecil sitting across some bars gives Daniel exactly the angle he needs to fuck really well and then another change has Daniel feeding his cock into Cecil's mouth for more sucking. Daniel is ready and soon shoots his load over Cecil's face and has him clean the cock off. As Cecil sucks on the spent cock he wanks himself and shoots his own cum to end a great scene.

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