Dani Jensen - Who Do You Serve


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Dani Jensen - Who Do You Serve

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Pandora is understandably proud of her relatively new status as slave owner, and she loves to show off her pets to her girlfriends any chance she gets. Diana and Dani are the latest girls in front of which she parades one of her favorite slaves, and while these new girls are surprised a bit at first it doesn’t take long for modern women to warm up to slave service. Dani decides she likes to be addressed as Goddess Dani, and Dianna prefers Princess Dianna. Pandora informs her slave that he will serve her friends in the same way he serves her, and she puts him in service to the girls as a foot massage slave. The girls kick back and chat on their lunch break while the slave diligently serves and demonstrates his loyalty and obedience to his owner Pandora.