Dan Jensen solo – Foreskin, Arseplay & Tattooes

Dan Jensen solo – Foreskin, Arseplay & Tattooes

Studio: HardBritlads

Handsome manly Dan Jensen has dark features and major tattooes, covering alot of his body, and has a really strong look. His cock is a good size, uncut with plenty of nice foreskin as well.

In a run down old farm outbuilding, wearing jeans, check shirt and black boots, Dan begins by rubbing his bulge, which quickly begins to thicken. He unbuttons his shirt, giving us our first glimpse of his tattooes, which go up and down both sides of his chest. He unbuttons his jeans, and reaches for his semi hard dick, we see the base of it at the top of his trousers, and he pulls them down, letting his dick and balls hang. Dan has nice thick dark pubes, not trimmed, and alot of foreskin.

He plays with his foreskin for a bit, pulling and tugging at it, then slowly rolling it back over the head of his dick, which is now moist with precum. He slides his foreskin back and forth over the end of his cock which gets harder as he plays with it.

Dan takes off his shirt, and starts to jerk off, his dick is rock solid now. He leans over and lets a long string of spit fall onto the end of his cock, and rubs it in. He pulls down his jeans and squats down, jerking off a bit more, then lays back on the floor, and begins to rub his arse. He gets his finger wet, and slowly pushes it in, making his dick throb, and he wanks and fingers himself at the same time. Very nice.

Next, Dan pours some lube onto a dildo butt plug type of thing, and inserts it. He fucks himself with it and jerks himself off, then pushes it all the way as far as it will go, and leaves it there. He holds up his solid dick, moist with precum, and jerks off nice and slow, then lays on his back and speeds up, jerking off harder and faster, till finally he shoots, thick heavy squirts of cum all over his stomach. He squeezes out the last few drops, which slowly drip down over his fingers.

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