Cyrus Vaughn & Caleb Colton

Cyrus Vaughn & Caleb Colton

Cyrus is a tattooed otter from the Pacific Northwest who is almost as straight as the arrow flies. Caleb Colton is one horny devil who has a magic way of working over more straight guys than you can shake a stick at. Having some drinks and some laughs, Cyrus teaches Caleb a new drinking game. Caleb is having enough fun eyeballing this handsome hunk as is, but plays along anyway. The muscle jocks start slugging back the shots and the games play on. Caleb gets lady luck on his side, and Cyrus starts to bear the brunt of most of the vodka bottle. It is then that Cyrus decides he has had enough to drink, but Caleb is just getting started coming in for the kill on Cyrus's cock. He ups the ante, and with one last lucky play wins the privilege of having Cyrus's hot scruffy face rub against his own. Caleb pulls Cyrus closer and the two lock lips. The temperature in the room rises and Cyrus is impressed by the bulge growing in Caleb's pants. So impressed, he decides to take a closer look. Caleb moans with delight as Cyrus takes to sucking his dick like a drunken frat boy. Caleb returns the favor with zeal and gobbles Cyrus's thick cock. Caleb wants to show off one more thing he can do better than any straight guy's girlfriend. He straddles Cyrus's hairy legs and slides down on his erect rod just as pretty as you please. Caleb goes to town grinding and bouncing his tight ass up and down, hard and fast. Cyrus grows a pair and flips Caleb into doggie and gets balls deep in him. The harder the pounding gets, the louder Caleb cries. Cyrus builds to crescendo and pushes Caleb onto his back. He dumps a thick white load into Caleb's open mouth and creams his chin with essence. Caleb finishes himself off his favorite way, with a cock in his mouth and a hot guy towering over him.

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