CorbinFisher - Cade Fucks Lucas (2008)

CorbinFisher - Cade Fucks Lucas (2008)

Year: 2008
Genre: gay, muscles
Duration: 00:18:51
Studio: CorbinFisher

If you look at some of Lucas's most recent appearances, you'll notice a lot of "Lucas fucks..." in the titles. There's not nearly been enough "... fucks Lucas" as of late! Mind you, there's nothing wrong with that! He could be CF's resident top guy with what he delivered in his recent pairing with Jeff! That was incredible to film! Nonetheless, beyond the scorching hot flip flop with Dave awhile back, it'd been pretty long since Lucas had done some full-on bottoming! Well, that all changes with this video :)
Lucas has furiously pounded some of the hottest asses in the CF stable recently, and he knew that meant he was set to be on the receiving end soon. Lucas and I were sitting around talking recently when I made mention of this as I was going over some of our recent videos.
"You've topped in just about every single video you've done for months and months and months now!" I mentioned.
"You're just buttering me up for some super mega bottom scene, I bet," he responded. That made me laugh so hard, I almost spat out my drink! I really didn't have any such sinister plans in mind (I swear!) when I brought it up but... as long as he brought it up... ;)
What better time to have Cade gives Lucas his special treatment? Cade's always up for a stellar performance, be it fucking or getting fucked. As you can imagine, though, the overwhelming majority of requests to see more Cade videos involve wanting to see him top, and for good reason given his incredible stamina and more incredible cock! What totally blew me away as the guys started to go at it in this vid is how horny Lucas was. Notice that hardon while he's first taking it and how he fucks himself with Cade's thick dick!

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Audio: 44100Hz stereo 64Kbps

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